Medium & Psychic Work: It’s Not A Gift. It’s An Ability; A Business.

Theresa Caputo can be credited for bringing a new awareness to the works of the Psychic Medium industries. 

She has allowed millions of people across the globe the opportunity to see how Psychic and Medium abilities work. Couple that with her big hair and her big personality and you have yourself a hit show. 

People often ask me if I think “she’s real” and yes I do!! But let’s not forget — it’s a TV show. They have edited and re-edited that tape to broadcast the biggest reaction. 

That’s not to say she doesn’t have a real ability. I absolutely believe she does. But does she, for example, go up to everyone at Walmart and just read strangers while the camera is rolling. I highly doubt it. She would be sued. 

While its guaranteed there is some of the show that is staged to appear as though the reading is happening on a whim (when it’s actually done completely with consent) I am confident that her ability is in no way staged

On a side note: I’ve often said I would love to see the bloopers reel showcasing those customers at Walmart who tell her to “get the hell away from them.”  Because the truth is not everyone views the Mediumship abilities with a rosey, woohoo excitement. 

I certainly love Theresa Caputo. I quote her while at the hairdresser. As Chanda goops up my hair in hopes to achieve the optimum volume, I can often be heard stating, with satisfaction,”The higher the hair, the closer to heaven!” 

Yes, indeed I am a HUGE fan of her!

There is one thing, however, that Theresa Caputo does that makes me cringe. 

It happens during the intro of her show while she is introducing herself, she says, “….I have a very special gift. I can talk to spirit.”

Now many of you are wondering why this could possibly be an issue!


Mediumship and Psychic abilities are not a gift and yet, she seemingly indicates them as such.  

Making it sound as though this ability is held, and only attainable, by a select few who have been chosen by a higher source. 

The truth is Mediumship is not a gift. It’s an ability. An ability that any Medium worth their hourly rate has spent hours honing into a business.

Theresa and I (and all other Mediums) have chose to spend our time building our ability into a business. And that right there, is the only difference between you and any Medium or Psychic. 

We are not special. It’s a business that takes as much work to maintain as any other business out there. (We just happen to “maintain” our business within a scope that is foreign to many)

We’ve created our business by understanding our signs and signals from Spirit. We have worked with Mentors and Coaches to better understand how the flow of energy works. We’ve logged numerous hours understanding how people sit in their energy and what that even means. 

But make no mistake, we are not a special hybrid breed of the human species. 

And the truth is, each and every one of you have the ability to do what we do. It’s built into you. You can work and learn and create a business too. 

On a side note:  

If you are a NEW Medium to the industry, please hone your gift. Please spend the time and money it takes to become a professional. 

Take classes. Work with a mentor. Create this business with the same level of dedication you would create any business with. 

Please! For the integrity of the industry. 

If you are not interested in creating a business, then please do not read people at Walmart just to “see if you can.”

(In fact, even if you do have a business please don’t read people at Walmart. It’s incredibly unprofessional)

Accountants don’t ask to see your income statements at Walmart, just  “to see if they can” make it balance. 

Please honor our industry with the same sincerity. 

Thank you for sharing in my journey.

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Oh My! This Energy Though

This Energy!  Phew!  Can you feel it?  This world is hurtling towards something big. 

Right now, the world is charging forward at mind boggling speed. I don’t know what exactly is going on, but dang it, it’s big.

Not only are many of us beyond exhausted, and our children are boycotting any sentiment towards a sleep schedule, Social Media and News Programs are bubbling over with big opinions. 

So many of us are standing in our power and screaming to be heard over the rush of forming crowds. 

People love Trump. People hate Trump. People love Hilary. People hate Hilary. People who are going to miss Obama. People who can’t wait to see Obama go. 

People who love Trudeau. People who hate Trudeau. People who love pot. People who hate pot. 

People who love immigration. People who don’t want any more immigrants. 

But it’s not just political opinions. 

People are fighting for breastfeeding in public. People are against breastfeeding in public. 

People love black coffee. People hate black coffee. 

People love Mondays. People hate Monday’s. 

People who love their body. People who hate people who love their body. 

And on and on it goes. 

But really it all boils down to this. 

We all want to be heard. We all want to be validated. 

(And the rest of us want to wrapped up and told that no matter what happens we are all going to be ok.)


We know that our world needs change. And some of us feel strong enough or loud enough (or whatever other quality qualifies us as a change maker) to push these changes into action. 

But words on social media are not actions. 

ACTION is action.

This week during our Circle Time in our Homeschool, we read “If A Bus Could Talk – The Story of Rosa Parks.”

This courageous black woman remained sitting on her seat on the bus even after she was told to relinquish her seat to a white man. 

Her single courageous action against segregation triggered the start of the Montgomery Bus Movement where all African Americans boycotted using any buses for 381 days. 

The Montgomery Bus Movement then created a similar country wide movement. 

The country wide movement, as well as the action of many others, then became historically known as the Civil Rights Movement. 

This is an incredible example of the ripple effect in action. One single act on December 1, 1955 ignited a ripple effect that eventually assisted in equality. 

My favorite line in the entire book was found within its second last paragraph:

“We love you and we thank you for being the lady who, by sitting down, inspired others all over the world to stand up for freedom.”

And while I understand that this equality issue is, unfortunately, still a problem today, the point is many people want change. They want something different than what this world currently is. 

But perhaps we could take a page from the Rosa Parks story. She didn’t scream and yell, “Please validate me.”  

She sat and waited. And the change created itself thereafter. 

Her action was carried out in complete silence. Yet, still, the ripple was heard (and felt) around the world. 

While speed typing your response on social media to today’s “Hot Topic” perhaps we should consider what ACTION we could do, instead, to shift the world. 

Sometimes we think in order to formulate change we have to get loud. Scream, kick, yell and spit. 

Yet, not all changes are started because of public protests or pickets or mean and slanderous remarks for people to take notice.  

Some of us an incapable of such public guestures. But rest assured, change can happen just as simply as remaining seated while everyone is saying “Stand”

Perhaps with this in mind, we can all navigate this big energy from a new space of mindfulness. 

As Rosa Parks has proven, change will still occur.  

(Ps – It’s not Rosa Parks birthday – just to save confusion. Her birthday is February 4, 1913.)

Thank you for sharing in my journey!

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(Repost by Request) I lost 35 Pounds By Doing These Three Non-Traditional Things

I recently lost 35 pounds. It has been significant enough that people have started to comment when they see me “Wow, you look great. What have you been doing?
And then I get awkward and say “Nothing” Because what I have been doing is weird and “hoopy-doopy” and non-traditional.

So then they begin to prod further. “C’mon, you gotta be doing something”

While I just shrug and mull in my mind a way to explain what I have been doing differently, they continue on, “Have you been eating healthier.” I shake my head.

“Have you been exercising,” they ask.

I will usually giggle and reply “I don’t run. In fact, should you ever see me running, you should run too because there is a good chance there is a large bear or an ax murderer chasing me”

So what did I do? I did these three weird and “hoopy-doopy” and non-traditional things

1) I started sending love to my body

I have not loved myself, well… EVER! I thought I did. I was a “normal” woman who closely inspected her body while undressing for the shower.


Completely avoided the mirror all together while undressing for the shower. But I certainly didn’t hate myself. Well, I didn’t think I did anyway.


I certainly didn’t find myself horrific to look at. I knew I was over weight, but I hated diets and exercise so I just stayed where I was at physically.

Society has taught us that women inspect themselves for flaws. (We’ve all seen the commercials) They are to keep trying to strive for perfect. To strive for flat tummies and/or abs. To strive for thin. To strive for a vision of fashion model perfect. And the irony is, if you quiz any woman they KNOW that the fashion magazines are photoshopped. That they aren’t true representations of the model herself. We know. Yet we still hold the visual.

So we strive for perfect. We count calories. We diet. We ration our portions. We run. We exercise. We deny ourselves chocolate cake and peanut buster parfaits and wine, our beloved wine! All to aspire to be the photo of perfection that we know doesn’t exist.

And let me be clear: Some people LOVE exercise. Some people LOVE pushing their limits on a weight bench. Perfect. Honor that. But I’m not that woman. It’s hell for me. I never enjoy that process and rarely remain committed to a work out routine or diet. Could that change for me someday? Sure. But not today. And tomorrow’s not looking promising either. (Lol)

I was at a Seminar in March of 2015 for the betterment of my business as a Psychic Medium with the amazing, and incredibly talented, Jodie Rollins.

During the seminar she stated “No matter what you tell yourself about your body, it reacts. Your body is the biggest form of energy. If you believe your fat, the energy will react and bring you more. If you fill your body with love and appreciation, your body will react. No matter what you tell your body it will react.”

(I’m paraphrasing, of course, but you get the idea)

I came home with a lot from that seminar that weekend, but this had to be the most profound.

For those of you who have worked with me in the past or attending a live empowerment show, you’ve heard me say “I’m a tangible girl. Don’t just tell me something is going to work, prove it to me”.

I don’t teach anyone anything I haven’t proven myself. I don’t know why, but so far it’s seemed to work out that way.

(Sorry I went off on a little tangent there)

I came home from the seminar and began testing the theory. Each night as I undressed for the shower instead of inspecting my body for flaws, I began sending love:

Thank you stomach for housing THREE beautiful kids for nine months until they were strong enough to come into this world.

Thank you hands for holding my coffee to my lips each morning so I can start my day with my smile.

You get the point. On and on I went throughout my entire body. And although I began to lose weigh it wasn’t significant, but my body did shift. I lost about 5 lbs with sending my body love.

So then came the next step. The step so big that when it was suggested to me, it literally made me sweat. My body had such a HUGE reaction to the mere IDEA that I put it off. For weeks.

Finally nearly two weeks later, in full out sweat, I took the next step.

2) I created “I love myself” visual reminders

Armed with neon orange sticky notes, I embellished each slip of paper with bold, black letters that stated “I LOVE MYSELF”

I placed them every where. I swear I did. And my housekeeper would vouch for me as she had to clean around more than one.

I placed them in my bathroom on the mirrors. In my fridge on the shelves where I could see them. Inside every cupboard I used daily. Inside my phone case. In my truck. EVERYWHERE.

Each time I saw them I would take a breathe and recite in my head “I love myself” and then breathe out. That’s it.

They, also, created a fun reaction in our home. Each time my husband or my oldest son, went for milk or cups they would declare, I love myself!! It was awesomely supportive and so great to have everyone (who could read) reciting these words too.

I should add: Loving yourself does not make you boastful or arrogant or self-righteous. Loving yourself brings you peace. Instead of looking to others for compliments or to fill your cup of self worth — you go within. It’s beautiful and creates a personal strength.

And when you finally do receive a compliment from someone, it will be a nice, extra little gift to you that you can hold onto with your already existing self love.

The compliment will become the icing on the already existing cake. Instead of depending on someone else to provide the cake AND the icing. (Yep, I love cake that much to create an analogy around it lol)

3) I listened to my body and honoured it

The last thing I did was honor my body. I began to eat what my body wanted. ANYTHING it wanted. I am so serious when I say ANYTHING. For the first week I, literally, ate a Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait EVERYDAY! People find this step the most unbelievable.

Maybe it was my body or maybe it was my mind who was craving the parfait, but regardless I didn’t deny myself any craving.

Very soon I stopped craving the snacks that are deemed by society as “unhealthy” and started craving other foods. A variety of foods. Sushi, chicken (lots of chicken for some reason) and salad!

I’m now eating things because I want to and not because someone else said I could or could not. Eatinfg them because I have listened to my body and honoured it. No denying anything. I can’t even tell you what’s a “good fat” or “bad fat” or what a carb is. It doesn’t matter to me anyway. If my body wants chicken – it gets chicken. And if wants ice cream, yep I eat ice cream.

No denying. No portion control. No more telling myself if I can have something.

This step was perhaps the most empowering because society has created a laundry list of foods that are good or bad. Healthy or unhealthy. But remember your body reacts no matter what you tell it.

So go ahead, tell your body that what you just ate has a TON of sugar and will cause you to grow another ass cheek OR tell your body – if this is what we want this is what we will have.

Just imagine for a moment the energy you create when you give yourself a “cheat day”. You are telling your body: “Everything I’m putting in my body is BAD” and so you are sitting in that BAD rebellious energy all day. Please stop causing yourself this type of guilt.

How did I listen to my body. Before preparing supper each night I sat with each meal option in my mind. And would imagine eating it. Let yourself imagine the taste, texture etc. Do you still want to eat that?? If yes, honor it. If no, continue imagining different meals options until your excited about what you are preparing.

I started these processes one year ago. But seen significant changes in my body when I implemented Steps 2 & 3.

I don’t have the usual before and after pictures because, quite frankly, I was a HUGE skeptic who didn’t believe this shit would actually work (lol), and most certainly didn’t expect 35 pounds of weight loss. But I promise you, it indeed does work! Do I guarantee you a weight loss. Nope because that will get me sued. But I do guarantee a peace of mind. And self love!

Now, I’m sure you can understand why I get awkward when someone asks about my weight loss. Because it’s ALOT to tell people. It’s a lot for people to absorb. But it’s also a lot of weight to lose without owning the HOW!

*Funny little side story. An acquaintance recently asked what I had been doing and I was feeling rather brave that day so I tell her all I have just written above and her reply was priceless.

With huge eyes and complete awe she asked “wow that is Oprah worthy — do you know Oprah??!”

Bahahaha – ummmm no, but maybe someone could hook a sister up!

I would love to hear from you if you decide to try this. Be patient and kind to yourself. It’s a beautiful process. <3

Thank you for sharing in my journey.

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Throwback Thursday

I am a huge believer that everything happens for a reason. Everything we do, even if it seemingly based around the development of our children always has a bigger reason and most certainly an effect on us, as an individual, as well. 

Today we launched into B’s newest Math component. Ok, I will be honest we launched into aforementioned Math component two days ago, but neither B nor I could understand ANY of what we just “learned”

So we had resolved to try again next math class. 

We dove in today with a new found zest for all things Expressions and Equations related..but it quickly went sideways. 

For Me. Not B!

I read the question to myself:

Write the expression:

Ten less the product of a number and 4

And, in the spirit of being honest, I think to myself, “Mottttthhhherrrrrfuuuuckkker! What the hell does that even MEAN?!”

Pardon my French, but I’m being honest here 😂

But I managed to keep my colourful expletive to myself and keep my best “teacher smile” plastered on my face. 

I read the question to myself again:

Ten less the product of a number and 4

And then it happens. 

As tears begin to blur my vision and the question distorts to an unlegible mess before my very eyes, I am transported back to Grade 7 all over again. 

12 year old Lana sits with her Math textbook and tears blur her vision. She doesn’t get it. And can’t wrap her head around this shit. And anger bubbles up. She pushes it down. 

Back in present day, with tears lingering on my lashes, I say to B, “I need a second!” 

B grants me the gift of solitude and retreats downstairs to join his siblings on the XBox.  He can be overheard saying, “We need to give Mom a minute. Nobody bug her. Math made her cry!”

His compassion causes the threatening storm of tears to break wide open. And I cry!

Ok, I sob. 

Ok, I ugly cry. 

I cry for all the times I didn’t understand (Math or otherwise). I cry for all the times I didn’t ask for help. I cry for all the times I told myself, “Everyone else understands this, but you!”

Five minutes I cry. And then it was as though someone flipped a switch. I knew what I had to do with this. 

I call B back upstairs. When he hesitantly asks, “You ok?” I explain with complete truth: “Ugh B, I hate Math. I am confident I only passed because I remembered to write my name and the proper date on top of the paper.”

He laughs and says, “It’s ok Mom. I think the same thing happened to me last year!”  Bahaha. In truth he’s probably not lying. And bless him for that. 

Today I healed something although I’m not entirely sure what. 

But I also taught my son that Math can be hard. He’s not alone in his struggle and most certainly is not “less than” as a result. And he learned to ask for help when he needs it. No shame in not understanding. Ever!

Now let’s hope this little healing will allow me to get a grasp on Grade 7 Algebra. 

Ps: The answer to the above question is 4x -10

My husband is going to teach me what that means when he gets home tonight 😁😆

Thanks for sharing in my journey!

Homeschool: Day 29

Today I was a Maxed Mommy. We had a late start to our day by a few minutes because of kids who didn’t want to leave their beds. 

Plus, I had a furnace who refused to show up to work today so our thermostat was showing a balmy 15 degrees!

Not a great kick start to our day. 

Add to that the fact that my kids are fair weather kids. They don’t like too cold or too hot. They only like outdoor play when the sun is shining juuuuust right. 

They have not been wanting to play outside because it is “too cold” <Insert eye roll here>

For this reason, I had three kids who had entirely too much energy this morning. Circle Time was executed with about as much efficiency as that of one who is hired to hold an octopus in a paper bag. 

It didn’t go well. After 20 excuiating minutes of me endlessly reminding them to “sit down” or “pay attention” and “don’t lick your sister” I was losing patience quickly. 

 (Yes, I meant to type lick. Even auto correct is positive that I surely meant to type “kick” Unfortunately I did not make a mistake – I meant lick)

I’d like to say I was losing my sanity, but this morning I realized my sanity left the day I applied for the permission to homeschool from the Board of Education. 

So yes, indeed it was my patience slipping. My sanity left me 29 Days ago. But I digress!

After 20 long minutes I fly into full out Mama Hissy Fit. Toss our Library Book (*gasp* – I can’t believe I treated a library book this way) back into our Morning Basket. 

And assure the kids without their education they will assuredly live under a bridge without food or fancy clothes. 

Then I stomp upstairs and give myself a well earned time out. 

After several deep breathes and a couple flips through my Facebook to calm my nerves I realize, my kids have been wayyyy too cooped up. 

I come down the stairs, with outside world clothes (instead of the Jammie’s they now live in each day) draped over my arms for each child and announce “Anyone who has not eaten breakfast needs to do so now, because we are going to Get Air!”

Three confused, and slightly terrified children gape at me. I can feel their mini brains training to grasp what the hell is happening. 

B, ever the brave solider willing to fight a good fight, but still bewildered says, “Huh, what’s the catch?”

The truth was there was no catch. They needed to run off some energy. They have been bouncing off the walls for two days and they needed to burn that energy. 

So we spent the morning at Get Air where they bounced and jumped at their favorite Trampoline Park and I got to catch up with a great friend on the phone. 

Then we came home and did as much school as we could fit into a couple of hours. It was a win for all. 

I have read articles about days like this. Where homeschoolers blow off the day because it just isn’t working. And, if I can be so bold to admit, I judged the shit out of them. 

I literally have thought, “If your child cannot sit and listen to you like they would a teacher in school, that is 100% the parents fault.”

I know differently today and will publicly admit, I was wrong. 

My kids are not the kids who they were at school for their teachers. They are not the version of themselves they present to their grandparents on any given weekend. 

They are completely different for their parents. 

And as a result, they will not just sit because they are in circle time like they sat during circle time at school. 

So I had to honor my kids today. And our school schedule was meagre at best as a result. 

But they are rosy cheeked and tired and happy with a lot less energy buzzing through them than was present at 9am this morning. 

Now let’s just hope when they are living under the bridge without food and fancy clothes they remember that their mother tried. She had zero sanity and little patience, but damn it, she tried. 

Thank you for sharing in our journey!

How To Create A Business With Your Inner Sparkle

Every Monday on my page I host a video series called “Ask Me Monday”. You send me your questions prior to the broadcast and I answer them on Mondays with Facebook Live. 

This weeks question was “How can I pay my bills by doing something I love”

Watch now

Thanks for sharing your journey with me!

On This Day, 8 Years Ago

    This picture popped up on my “Facebook Memories” last week. It was 8 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

    On this day, my beautiful friend was taking her daughter to the Pumpkin Patch and invited us to join them. 

    My friend is one of those incredible mamas who always does fun stuff with her kids. A woman who I looked up to in awe of how she could always manage it all. 

    And I felt like I could never be stack up. 

    (Before I continue, let me clarify that my friend would literally laugh her ass off at me, if I told her I had ever felt like that. Because she is truly incredibly without ever realizing how incredible she is!)

    Now back to my story: When we were invited I wanted to say no. I wanted to stay home and close up and sit with a book. I wanted to hide away. 

    Instead I said Yes. I didn’t say yes for me though, I said yes for B. And he had the greatest day full of corn mazes, pumpkins and laughter. 

    At the end of the day, we took obligatory pictures to document the day. Which is the picture you see above. 

    In the snapshot YOU see my son and his mama! I see so much more. 

    I see a woman whose smile doesn’t reach her eyes. 

    A woman who is fighting for her life.

     A woman who tries so damn bad to rise up only to have depression pull her under again and again. 

    I see a mama who is so wrapped up in ensuring her child is perfect and happy that she barely had the energy to do her hair. 

    A woman who held herself and her family to an impossibly high standard and was completely exhausted as a result. 

    I have to be honest, these pictures popping up on my memory feed created big emotions for me last week. 

    Emotions so big that the mere presence of the picture created a gigantic lump in my throat. 

    But the lump was not for me. It was for B. 

     As parents we all carry regrets and have moments of “woulda shoulda couldas”, and this is one of mine. 

    If I could go back and parent differently I would. If I could turn the hands back on the clock and gift B the same mom that C & E have now, I absolutely would. 

    Back then, he absolutely did NOT get the best version of me. I gave him everything I had, but unfortunately sometimes that wasn’t much. 

    I loved him unconditionally, but unknowingly my conditions were limited. 

    What does that mean? I never ever withheld love on purpose. But the truth is I don’t know if I was capable of the level of love then that I am capable of today. I just didn’t know how. 

    Yeah, I would have died for him or surely went to war to fight for him. But I have learnt that I could only love him to the level I loved myself. And so as a result, that (apparently) wasn’t much. 
    I believe we all chose our life before we are born and as a result, I understand this holds true for B as well. He knew what he was signing up for. And let’s be honest, that little man saved my life. He gave me a reason to fight and change and be a better me. 

    His face in this picture brings tears to my eyes. The love for life in his eyes. The love for his mama shining through. This child is someone who taught me how to love. Freely. Without fear and without limits. He just loves. 

    The irony of our pose doesn’t escape me…he is holding tight onto me without a care in the world. I grasping onto him for dear life, holding onto his smile and his love and his very essence. 

    It took me all day to find the positive in this picture. Nearly 12 hours had to pass before I could see the blessings of this picture rather than sit in the guilt. 

    I finally see a mama that’s a fighter. 

    A mama who knew she could do better. And a mama that figured out what that meant and aligned her life to go get it. 

    Mamas, when something stirs up big emotions we are presented with two choices:

    We can sit in it in the same form we always have: Guilt, hurt, sadness or whatever emotion it stirs up. 


    We can shift. Whenever an emotion presents itself it’s actually screaming out, “Hello? Can you hear me! I’m ready to move on!” 

    So instead of sitting in the emotion in the same way you always have. Hit the emotion head on. Let it bubble up. Greet the tears and the lump in your throat with courage and excitement. And then rise above the wave the emotions are creating. 

    Once you are atop the wave, look around. See it differently than you were ever capable before. See what is presenting itself. 

    And then, finally, allow this new awareness to replace the old emotions within your heart. 

    The truth is we are all doing the very best we can everyday. And perhaps your yesterday wasn’t as good as your today, but you certainly never meant to make mistakes. So don’t hold yourself accountable for them forever. 

    Rise up above the wave!

    Thank you for sharing in my journey!

    Homeschool: Thanksgiving Week


    There is a vast diversity in homeschool styles. There is Charlotte Mason, School At Home, Classical, Unschooling and still many others.

    When deciding to homeschool, my husband and I discussed what version we felt would serve the boys best. It was a decision that we made without the boys.

    We gave them opportunities to become a part of the decisions made in regards to this process. But, truthfully, our style was not something they got a say in.

    Because we knew they would choose Unschooling.

    What is Unschooling? It’s completely child led learning. No curriculums. No schedule. Just learn as the child decides.

    And while this style may serve many families, I knew it was not an option for us as a family.

    I feel it crucial my kids to, not only, learn academically. But I want them to learn about schedules and requirements on their time.

    In addition, I wanted my kids to be fully aligned with the Cirriculum required per grade, therefore ensuring that should they ever decide to go back to Public School, we would not worry about them being behind. And we ensure we hadn’t skipped any part of the subject outlines.

    AND I needed the schedule to stay on track and build my personal confidence that they were learning what they needed.

    We chose to school within a Classical Approach. It is what my husband and I decided would serve our family the best at this time.

    Yet, even though, we unwaveringly chose this style – my mom guilt felt begin to creep in.

    If you have looked into homeschooling, you will see a large number of posts pushing for child led schooling. And I started to feel bad.

    Was I jipping my kids out of a personal empowerment opportunity? Was I trying too hard to create a School At Home structure.

    During my Mom Guilt Moment – I created Thanksgiving Week. A week based around a Thanksgiving Unit.

    Rather than learning math from the worksheets, we baked.

    This week we created pumpkin pies from real, homemade pumpkin purée. We also made cornbread as well as pumpkin cheesecake.
    Rather than Social Studies about communities and government we dove into Pilgrims and Native Americans and The Mayflower and Plymouth Rock

    We made crafts around the Thanksgiving theme.

    We read poems and learned sentence structures based around the same theme.

    B loved it. He embraced it. He rocked it.

    C, not so much. Literally by Wednesday he stomped
    off on me. I sat calmingly and gave him a minute to breathe.

    Before I could go to him, he returns. With his little hands covering his face and complete exasperating in his voice he says “Ugh, Mom, this just sucks so bad. Can we please just do Math and our Reader and Social Studies.”

    C loves structure. He thrives in it. He likes to know what to expect and when to expect it. Although he is known to fight the process, he does best in the structure.

    B wants to implement cooking into his school week. And I have agreed.

    And my Mom Guilt has definitely receded. Perhaps the Thanksgiving Unit Study was a bit of overkill. But it pushed us into finding balance.

    For both boys.

    And me!

    Thanks for sharing in our journey!


    5 Questions Every Psychic Medium Gets Asked REPEATEDLY


    When we meet someone new there is always a variety of questions that we ask one another.

    Where are you from?
    Do you have any kids?
    Are you married?

    But there is one question in this variety that will cause any new Psychic Medium’s heart to lurch as they let out a nervous laugh.

    What do you do for a living?

    As we stand in our power and state, “I am a Psychic Medium” we realize this is our point of no return. This is the moment that will define if the person standing beside us will ever move from introductions into friendship.

    What we do will invoke two reactions. Both big.

    Either they will exclaim “Wow” and then with a new found awe and excitement they will attempt to suck the life out of us.


    They are convinced that we have been spawned by the devil himself and will surely die from a firey ball brought forth from the burning depths of hell.

    Never have I had someone respond casually to what I do – not once have I heard the reply, “Oh yah, hey did you see the Jays game last night!” Never ever.

    My “Wow-ers” will then begin spewing questions in rapid fire succession. Truthfully, they are always the same so I thought I would share them with you:

    1) Can you see ____________?
    (Insert the name of whomever you lost here)

    I understand. Grief is hard. And the idea that someone can connect with the person you loved so dearly creates a lot of feelings.

    Please know…yes we can get ahold of them. In fact, we can connect with anyone you want.

    Let’s do a quick exercise.

    Think of your favorite colour.
    As easily as you were able to visualize that red crayon, we are able to connect with your loved one.

    (I just freaked out someone who visualized a red crayon — not intentional, I swear lol)

    And yep, your loved one is there!
    Yes, really! I can see them.
    Every time!

    2) Do you know what I’m thinking right now?

    No. Well , I mean yeah, I could easily pick up on how you feel if I wanted to. But I don’t read people just to read them. And I don’t read outside of session.

    Imagine an accountant. He doesn’t just go around solving random math problems as they pop up on his morning walk around the city.

    In the same way, we don’t just work to work. We work with purpose. I work to help pivot your life. To help people heal and find happiness.

    Oh and PS – you are feeling nervous and worried that I can read your mind right now! 😉

    3). Can you just take a quick peek and help me with (insert your problem here)?

    As Psychics we are constantly asked to take a quick peek and help with a variety of problems all while sipping wine at a party.

    To use the Accountant example again. No one would ever dream of asking an accountant to take a quick peek at their books while at the same party.

    Never do you hear “No matter how I have tried I just can’t get my payables to balance. Can you just take a quick peek, between your sips of wine, and tell me where I went wrong?”

    Psychics don’t want to work either. They are there for the wine 🍷

    4) Am I on the right track?
    Yup! Always! There is no right or wrong track. You are absolutely where you are meant to be in this moment.

    The real question is, “Are you happy with where you’re at?”

    If the answer is No, then it’s time to make some changes.

    5) Can you tell me my birthday?
    (Or any other fact you already know the answer to)

    Unless you have suddenly developed amnesia and have requested my assistance in piecing together your life memories, please save your hard earned cash and not ask me to recite facts that you already know the answer to.

    Psychic Mediums are real.
    I promise.

    So rather than spending your precious 60 minute session having your Psychic Medium recite facts and answer questions that you already know the answer, Instead trust the process and embrace the space.

    By doing so, you will quickly know their accuracy as they will have the ability to recite facts about people
    and things that you KNOW they didn’t know.

    Since I shared my Wowers questions, it’s only fair that I share the question I have been asked by those who dislike what I do…

    “The Bible states that a person could only connect to spirit if you are either possessed by devil or are a prophet. So which one are you?”

    To which I reply “Hmmmm, Somedays it’s just sooo hard to tell!” And then I walk away and let them wonder what the hell that is supposed to mean!

    What?? A girl’s gotta have a little fun!


    Life Purpose: What It Means and How to Find It

    The spiritual world is filled with pretty, buzz words like expanded consciousness, or mindfulness, or PURPOSE.

    And sometimes these pretty buzz words invoke a feeling of less than in most of us.

    For many years, society has rewarded those of us who are committed or put in a certain number of years at a job. Same for those who log insurmountable numbers of hours towards a project.

    You know the ones. Those who earn the “Gold Watch.”

    Alternatively, society has made billions of dollars off of education programs and certification courses in all industries. They have generated huge revenues by handing us an 8 1/2 x 11 paper validating to the world that we are officially “professionals” within our industry.

    We all know someone who has a wall full of certificates, seemingly declaring to the world “I made it. I passed. I am worthy of claiming my professsionalism within my field”

    The truth is within the structure of these people, the gold watch and the certification, we have adopted the belief that in order to stack up, or be enough, or deserve to be within the profession we need these things.

    The very same thing happens when these pretty buzz words float around. Suddenly, society becomes swept up in figuring out our purpose.

    In addition, there is a select few, who were minding their own business and enjoying life and are suddenly now panicky and stating to their friends, “Shit, did you know we were supposed to have a purpose??!!”

    It’s ok, honey. Cool your jets and take a big breathe. You are fine. You aren’t behind and you, most certainly, did not miss a memo.

    Purpose has become a pretty, buzz word that is now being thrown around in society.

    Those who are earning the Gold Watch are those who found something they loved and have stuck with it. (Well some are remain at the jobs for the pension and hate their lives, but I digress — that will be a topic for another day)

    Purpose is nothing more than finding a love or passion for something. And love can change. Passions can change.

    Yet, let’s take this deeper:

    What if your purpose has nothing to do with a career and has everything to with living each moment?

    This is my own opinion, but I personally feel as though too much energy has been given to the word
    purpose. Instead focus on your happiness every day. Every single minute. Every hour.

    If you find yourself bouncing around and changing jobs or passions frequently, unfortunately, society will not have a gold watch or a certification for you. But you will receive something much grander…. A life you love.

    Perhaps that’s a purpose in itself. To love your life. Simply. Without comparisons or feelings of being less than. Just truly loving your life.

    But hey, because I wasn’t doing anything anyway – let’s go deeper still:

    What if your purpose is more of a feeling or a certain thing to learn this life rather than a career to master.

    Huh? What??!!

    Stick with me on this.

    What if you are here to learn self love, or patience or kindness. None of these would have to do with a career per say.

    Listen, I understand we all need a job in order to pay our bills and have the life we want to create. We need a job in order to afford trips and holidays. Or even buy those fabulous boots we have been swooning over, but nothing says you have to stay at the same job for 25 years.

    Nothing says you need to earn the gold watch. Much of society may believe that longevity is the key to happiness, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the 100% unequivocal truth.

    So how to do you find your purpose? Perhaps it’s by honouring you. When you are bored with your job, find a new one. When you are tired of your life, create a new one. Simple really.

    Don’t focus on the pretty, buzz words. Instead focus on your heart and what makes you happy. There is great purpose in happiness!


    *Post created by request. If you have a topic you would like to see appear on the blog, please request it.