Mercury Retrograde Explained: In Real Everyday Words That Won’t Put You To Sleep

Many of us have heard about Mercury Retrograde or Mars Retrograde, but trying to follow some of the mystic or astrological websites make us dizzy. Slowly our eyes roll into the backs of our heads and the words “90 degrees past Sagittarius moving into Scorpio” swirl around in our heads. We fight the urge to yawn, or fall into a deep slumber, as we move along the paragraphs into descriptions of “expanded consciousness” and “existence of our higher self.”

Finally we give up all together and think to ourselves, “What the sweet hell??? I just want to know what Retrograde is and why it is that I’m struggling at life right now!”

I will be honest, I live energy. I eat, breathe and sleep energy. I read books. I read articles. I follow energy based facebook pages and “Twitter people” and still I barely remain conscious while reading some of these retrograde articles.

In the spirit of remaining honest, I will also say, I know very little (astrologically) about Retrograde or Planets or stars or anything of that matter. I do know, however, what a retrograde is and what about it makes us feel like complete shit.

Right now, we are just ramping up into FOUR Retrogrades slated to bestow their craziness and woo-woo-ness (yep I just made that word up) hitting us between April 17 and September 26. All coming in and leaving at different intervals through the next six months.

So let me help you in sorting through the knowledge, allowing you to just retain what you need to know to make it through the shifts caused by this thing called Retrograde.

Let’s start simple:

What does Retrograde Mean?

Retrograde is defined as the ‘appearance’ of motion slowing down, nearly stopping and/or reversing direction. During Retrograde the planet, defined as “In Retrograde” will pass earth and for a brief moment in time, it would appear that we, Earth, are moving backwards.

A great example to explain what this means is:
Sometimes when we are driving on the highway and a semi passes you. And you have that moment of “Oh shit” because you feel as though you are actually going backwards. Even though you know you aren’t, for a moment, the motion suggests otherwise.

This is the very same as retrograde motion.

Why would a planet passing miles and miles and miles away affect me?

We are all energy. Believe in energy or don’t, it doesn’t make it any less true. We are all energy. We all made of 90% water. And water is made up of cells. And cells are energy. It’s science. The movement of something within the solar system will mess with the energy of all planets in the solar system. Anything that affects the Earth will affect you. Nothing major to “worry” about, but a truth nonetheless.

What do I need to know about Retrograde?

The most important thing to know about Retrograde is each planet governs different emotions. So depending on which planet is in Retrograde, will result in a conjuring up of different feelings or “sypmtoms” as a result of the Retrograde.

What feelings or side effects can I expect from this Retrograde for the next six months:

Each planet affects us differently as it goes Retrograde. For the sake of assisting you now, I will touch on only the three planets we will be dealing with in the coming months.

Mercury governs communication and technology. Expect delays, mixed messages, distractions, anger, poor communication with others or failing technology.

Mercury Retrograde happens twice over the next six months. April 28 to May 22 and then again, August 30 to September 21.

Pluto primarily deals with shedding the old and making room for new. Let go of old attitudes, beliefs or programs that are no longer working for you. It, powerfully, allows us to recreate ourselves and make a fresh start, by showing us what makes us unhappy, or makes us feel out of control. Giving us the opportunity to let go of any of those people, places or things that are no longer jiving with the life plan you’re creating.

Let me be clear, an old program is NOT that old Simply Accounting Disk you are still holding onto from ’97, although I would advise you to just toss it already! Instead it’s the things we have been telling ourselves for years that we no longer believe, yet still repeat them because it’s comfortable.

Such as “I don’t like public speaking”. Yet you have a job that makes you public speak and you actually rock at it. Embrace the public speaking and get rid of the program – it no longer serves you.

Pluto Retrograde takes place April 18 – September 26.

Mars is an excellent for strategizing and making plans. Personal energy levels can be extremely low during this retrograde, so it’s a great time for rest and recharging and honouring your body. Watch your tongue because anger flares up very easily during this time. Get ready to launch.

I always say, “If you can’t say anything nice, take a nap.” This type of retrograde would hold this line very true lol

Mars Retrograde happens from April 17 to June 29.

So as you can see all three of these retrogrades are happening one after the other, after the other.

What do I need to know to survive a retrograde?

First, replace the word survive with thrive. Retrogrades, while incredibly powerful and can conjur up some big emotions, are also great opportunities for growth and healing.

Next, embrace your inner Frozen hero, Elsa, and Let It Go! (Oh c’mom don’t pretend you don’t know who Elsa is!! And, absolutely, don’t pretend you don’t love her and all that she stands for)

Anything over the next six months, and I do mean ANYTHING, that creates anger or hurt or pain or resentment or jealousy, let it go. Anything that no longer is working for you or your family, let it go. Anything that no longer makes you happy or excited about life, let it go.

The very last step is to relax. iPad goes down, relax. Plane is late. Relax. Plans are not going according to plan. Relax.

*Stellar Tip: Dont fight against the energy. Try to go with the flow whenever possible. Especially in a Mercury Retograde when delays and technology glitches are at a high. And know you aren’t alone. Everyone is struggling, whether they are completely aware of it or not! Everyone Is wondering what the hell is going on. Relax and let it go!

Enjoy the journey!


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