Top Ten Favorite Inspirational Women of 2016: #4 – Tina Bulai

*sigh* Tina Bina Bo-Bina!  I love her – she makes our Favorite Inspirational Women of 2016 in the #4 position.  She makes me smile just writing about her.

Tina and I have been friends for a couple years now.  We learned of each other from our many mutual friends.  

Whenever we talked about “woo woo witchy stuff” our mutual friends would encourage us, seperately, to meet each other. 

So we embraced the new millennium way and became friends on Facebook first. 

But soon that wasn’t enough for either of us, and we finally met in person.  

The first time I met her was the night I stood front and center in my old hometown to do my first live Mediumship show.  My nerves were at an all time high, and Tina took it upon herself to send me Reiki Rainbows all night.

It was a no-brainer for us to be friends after that.  Anyone who would help me energetically to succeed, well I had to know this lady!!

Since then we have become great friends.

As a girl who works in energy daily, I can be picky about who I work with to help me heal. Or who heals my family for that matter. 

I think it’s incredibly important to work with those who you are energetically align with. 

And nothing makes me happier than this lady’s energy. 

Three out of the five individuals of my family have gotten cozy (or in B’s case — fallen asleep) on Tina’s Reiki table. 

She has helped Don manage his vertigo and B maneuver his school energy struggles. 

And she has helped me clean out old crap and shift into NEW. 

She’s truly a gift to anyone who steps into her office. Tina will always provide insight and answers. 

Tina fully embodies what it means to “work from a space of no judgement.” She shows up with a unique ability to make you feel safe enough to let your guard down and heal with her by your side. 

She is genuine and real. She can’t even help it. She just is. But she also carries a TON of compassion for everyone. She truly feels people and cares about healing you in whatever capacity you need. 

Tina is only 5ft tall (maybe, not even?!), but don’t let her size fool you, she packs a TON of power into that little, pixie frame. 

She has been an Energy Worker long before it was cool to be an Energy Worker. She and her father created an incredible business and have stood in their power offering people Reiki and Iridilogy for years. 

Together they stood tall in what they wanted to create — long before energy and reiki were so commonly understood. 

I admire her for that. I admire her father for that. They paved the way for many of us to work in Energy. 

Sample of Iridology Digital Pictures

Here’s a secret tip about Tina. She has this adorable little giggle. But if you pay attention, get real quiet and listen she has several giggles. 

And her giggles all have different meanings:

Her giggle has told me to “get my head out of my ass” more than once. 

Her giggle has said “He will be fine” when I grill her on what happened during B’s Reiki sessions. 

Her giggle has even said “I love you because your crazy.”

And I freakin’ LOVE her too!

Tina’s offer to you:

Tina owns and operates New Millenium Supplements located  about 5 minutes down Highway 54. (Towards Regina Beach)

From this facility she provides Reiki and Iridology services as well as provides their very OWN Supplement Line. 

Tina is offering you 20% off all her Reiki or Iridology Services.  Offer expires December 23. 

You can find visit Tina on her Facebook page – New Millennium Supplements. Or email her at and use LANA20 in the subject line. 

Reiki is a Japenese spiritual healing art. The word Reiki comes from the Japense word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy.”  It is a subtle and effective form of energy work using spiritually guided life force energy. 

Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. When the energy becomes weak or blocked it could lead to symptoms of physical or emotional embalances. 

Reiki is a technique commonly called palm healing or hands-on healing, the practitioner places above or lightly on the patient’s body to facilitate the patient’s process of healing. People often experience heat in the practitioners hands over specific areas on the body. 

A Reiki session can help ease tension and stress and can help support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels – physical, mental and emotional. 

Iridology is the science and practice of analysis of the iris of the eye. The iris reveals inherited strengths, weaknesses, inflammations, pain centers, confessions, toxins, stress, injuries (acute to chronic), deficiencies, Cholesterol, plaque in the arteries, and numerous other things. The iris is unable to show the size of the arteries, and if anything has been surgically removed. 

Iridilogy is a simple, painless, economical means to looking into the body. A digital picture is taken of the Eye and enlarged onto a computer screen. The Iris is the analyzed, while you are present. Nutritional and Supplemental suggestions are given. 

To see changes of healing within the fibres of the Iris takes a minimum of 3 – 6 months. 

The pictures are then saved for future reference.  

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Top Ten Favorite Inspirational Women of 2016: #5 – Telanne Wilhelm

Welcome back to another week of Top Ten Favorite Inspirational Women of 2016. Last week I made three women cry. So yah, that was fun!! 

I hope you all are loving these as much as I am!

Telanne Wilhelm is out #5 Favorite Inspirational Woman. 

I’ve known Telanne for atleast 10 years as she is my very good friend, Janet’s, niece. 

We’ve spent Christmas together on more than one occasion. She comes from an incredible family who welcomes anyone who should knock, into their home with loving kindness and huge hugs. 

She has always made me smile because of how she moves through life. 

She’s a straight forward, no bullshit kinda gal who could be mistaken for being shy or quiet. That’s what I originally thought when I met her. 

But my assumption was incorrect. She keeps her truest self a hidden little gem of a secret reserved for only those who she chooses to share it with. 

It’s one of those secrets that everyone wants in on, but few are selected to have the privilege of being privy to. 

She is astonishingly kind, compassionate and caring. She is an incredible mama. She has two babes. But it’s her son Noah who has won my heart. 

Noah is the kindest and sweetest little boy who shares with smiles and genuine loves. Her babe is not this way by a miracle, but instead because of his mama as his model. He’s a sweetheart due to the love and kindness he sees from her each day. She is a tremendous mother. 

Telanne is a gift to anyone who gets the opportunity to move in her circle. 

Case in point:

I work differently. I have done a lot of business. I have worked stats and demographics and business plans and marketing and advertising routes all in the hopes to create my past business. 

But never have I had more success than when I started following my heart. 

Everything in my business is now created by feel. 

If I FEEL like marketing, I do. If I FEEL like going in another direction in my business, I do. I FEEL everything. Every decision. 

I don’t make it any secret who I am or what I do for a living.  And, in truth, I have had contractors or potential mentors who refused to work with me. 

So (still being honest here) whenever I call someone new to discuss the idea to work together I do brace myself for a no. Because it could happen (and has)

I called Telanne in November to discuss my Empowerment Bracelet idea. She already knew what I do for a living, but honestly I require my contractors to meet me halfway. 

What does that mean?

It means this…I had an idea of what I wanted the bracelets to be, but I needed someone who could use her expertise to FEEL the rest of the idea to completion. 

When I explained this premise to Telanne she met me right where I was. No judgement. No eye rolls. No argument. She just showed up to play, she was maybe even a bit fascinated by my FEELING process. 

In fact, she showed up so well that by the end, she was bringing spacer selections stating, “How does it feel, Lana?”

But perhaps my favorite moment in working with Telanne was when she discovered she actually works by feel all the time. She just didn’t realize it. 


Telanne, thank you. Thank you for showing up and being willing to complete these bracelets for me. Thank you for taking all my phone calls (as I hate texting so much) and listening to me “feel” the beads and the spacers and everything else that we created. 

Yea, these bracelets have my name on them, but a good portion of them wouldn’t exist without you. Your ability to know what is on trend and what looks good paired together has been priceless to me. 

Thank you Telanne for everything you did to bring these bracelets alive with me.

Thank you for showing and being willing to think outside the box and work with a client who is different

I am so excited for what we have created together. And CANNOT wait to bring the other four bracelets alive with you. 

Telanne’s offer to the readers

Telanne owns a company called NKW Jewelry. You can find her on Facebook where she is surrounded by a mighty fan base. 

She also promotes her business at tradeshows around Regina and area. 

Or you can find her purchase her products at various salons and stores in Regina, Lumsden and further. 

Telanne has an AWESOME giveaway on her Facebook page — it’s your chance to win these beauties:

Silver & Aurora Borealis Set in silver. Lead free. Nickel free. 10mm in size.

Note: Due to the INCREDIBLE demand for her products, Telanne is currently closed, in order to guarantee order completion for Christmas delivery. She will reopen on January 2. 

So go over and take advantage of winning her giveaway….you know, to hold you over until the New Year!

The New Mental Health Stats Have Pissed Me Off…But It’s Not For The Reason You Think

I am fired up this morning…I woke to the news playing on my bedroom TV. (I know it’s a no-no to watch tv to fall asleep. Guilty as charged)

They were discussing Mental Health Stats. Women’s mental health numbers have increased since 2015 from 5% of women on antidepressant medication to 12%. 

That’s 7% MORE woman than last year are taking meds in this world to BE HAPPY!! 

As my feet hit the ground this morning, I was pissed and my heart was broken. 

NOT because the women are ON the medication. Nope!  No judgement here. I swallowed the pills myself for 10 years. 

At my peak, I was on the most anti-depressant medication I could be on without a psychiatric evaluation. I didn’t mean to get to that point, but meds are tricky. And you build an immunity and you have to keep upping the dose. It’s a vicious hurricane that is difficult to maneuver. 

This summer will mark three years being med free. 

So no…I was not pissed at the women ON the medication. I was pissed FOR the women on the medication. 

Why??  Because they are still believing everything society is teaching them about who they SHOULD be. How they are EXPECTED to show up. 

And when they miss the mark, society encourages them to DIG deeper. Try harder. 

And I’m so damn tired of it. And 12% of women are so damn tired, in general. 

That’s why they are on the meds. Because they can’t fit in the box, so they are shrinking themselves to fit. They missed the mark so they need meds in order to try harder. To dip deeper. 

And the shrinking and digging deeper is causing MORE depression and self deprivation and anger and sadness and any other emotion that comes with the belief that there is something wrong with you. 

Ladies, there is NOTHING wrong with you!  

Don’t shrink yourselves. 

Don’t push yourself harder. 

Don’t hold in your anger or your frustration. 

Don’t shrink your brightness to ensure people like you. 

Don’t take responsibility for how someone else reacts to how you show up in this world. 

Don’t believe what people say about how “you look” to others. 

Ladies, please:

Rest and honor your body. When you’re tired, rest. Don’t push harder or dig deeper. Rest. 

Love yourself for who you are. Love your loudness. Your boldness. Your opinions. They are not a bad thing. (Someone may have told you they were a bad trait — they were wrong)

If you’re angry, say it. 

If you’re sad, cry!

If someone hurts you, stand in your power. Stand up for yourself however you need to. 

Ladies, I have been where you are. The pills don’t help. 

Don’t get me wrong, they slow down the trauma and hurt enough that you can function. I get it. But they are not a long term healing method. 

They do not take away the pain, they numb it. 

If you go off the pills, the pain is still there. Just as raw and big as the day you started the pills. 

I know!  

I’ve been there. 

And it is so damn frustrating!

But just pills will not work. You need to do more to heal:

Understand energy and how it affects you, your mood, your life. 

Understand your programs and belief structures to start to shift your mind. 

Understand your triggers and why you get so angry or so hurt or so lost. 

Embrace YOU!!! 

Please know my sweetheart…

You are NOT flawed. You are NOT off your life path. You are NOT a screw up. You are NOT wasting your life. 

You were raised in a world of energy. A world that swirls with people’s feelings and emotions. 

A world filled with people who FEEL the energy and emotions of others. 

But most especially; a world that doesn’t teach those of us who feel energy, as openly as it should, HOW to deal with the energy. How to identify it or what to DO about it. 

And the world, most certainly does not teach you how to heal your pain!  And it breaks my heart!

You are beautiful. You are perfect. You are not alone. YOU deserve to be happy. 

Make yourself a priority in 2017. Love you! Be you! Honor you!

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Top Ten Favorite Inspirational Women of 2016: #6 – Christy Lawson

The gorgeous and incredibly talented Christy Lawson ends this weeks portion of the Top Ten Favorite Inspirational Women in the #6 position. 

Christy is a pistol. She’s the life of the party and can make me laugh so damn hard. She’s a HUGE energy who makes everyone around her smile  (Or laugh until your sides hurt) because her spark is contagious. 

Should you show up at a party and Christy is there, you are gonna be in for a ROCKIN fun time. She’s just that kind of energy. 

She’s straightforward and no bullshit, but she laces it with such compassion that you can’t help, but love her!
She also plays BIG! She doesn’t do anything half way. 

Christy STANDS UP for what she believes in. Her kids. Her family. Her friends. Her business. But most importantly, herself! 

She’s extremely strong in who she is. Her ability to move through life with such firm self assurance is truly commendable. 

She’s sassy and refreshingly authentic. 

I went to high school with Christy, but much like Ginger I never moved in her circle. So of course, when she moved away after high school, we lost touch. 

But four years ago, in true Christy fashion she blazed her way back into my world. I had just opened my business as a Psychic Medium and Christy came for a session. 

My reading room was nothing special. It consisted of a table and chairs, a book shelf and small “decorative table”. I use the word decorative loosely as truthfully everything in that room were items I pulled from other rooms in my house to make it work for now

After her session was complete, Christy leans back in the tattered chair and says, “Lana, you rock at your job, but this room sucks”. (There’s that straightforward, no bullshit personality trait I talked about earlier)

Christy had received her degree in Interior Design following high school. As luck would have it, she was now working nights and weekends as a Designer (while still holding down a full time government job.)

I asked for her help to recreate my space ..and after much  sources and paint selections and discussions for my input…she rocked my space. She decorated using the colours I wanted (yep, it’s 50 shades of purple and she hates purple. But she did it for me) and she used decorating items that created a space of healing and luxury. 

In truth, it’s still my favorite room in the house. I sit in there and hide away from my family sometimes. Clients or not. 

Christy’s talents became so sought after that, in 2015, she quit her government job and opened House Envy Interiors full time. 

She was nervous about leaving the constant wage and guaranteed pay day that comes with the regular 9-5 employment. 

So, she and her husband discussed budgets and game plans and then she took the leap. 

And she rocked the hell out of 2015. She was “living the dream”

And then, in 2016, things shifted. Not within her career, but instead in her marriage. 

When we get married, we create plans with our partner. We share our dreams and our goals. We discuss and compromise on our personal ethics and beliefs and morals. 

And together we forge forward with a life plan that accommodates both partners. 

Yet, sometimes one partner forgets the deals you made in the beginning. They start showing up differently than they vowed they would. 

They decide to change their lifestyle or habits or the way they move through life and there comes a time when you have to decide how this will affect you. 

Christy had to decide:

What will she stand by and watch?

What will she stand beside?

What will she stand up against?

But most importantly, what was she going to continue to build your life around? 

The decisions he was making were no longer aligned with what they had agreed upon years earlier. 

But most importantly, his decisions were no longer aligned with their, once United, vision of what family meant. 

I know she tried to help. She tried to entice change. But one can only sit in that space for so long before you have to take care of everyone else the decisions are affecting as well. 

And so 2016 became her moment when Christy had to seperate from her husband.  It was not an easy decision. It never is. 

Yet, Christy’s decision was more difficult than most. She had a business in the infant stages. The financial risks of a new business can be extremely high. 

Many times we as woman stay in a marriage because we don’t know how we can possibly support ourselves. So instead we become complacent and stay put. 

OR we would convince ourselves that the responsible thing to do would be to give up our dreams and “get a real job.”

NOT Christy! She kept her new business doors wide open, her head held high and went back to the drawing board. 

REcreating budgets and goals and new plans, but this time for only herself and her kids. All the while doing it with such grace and dignity and firmness. 

All of us who surrounded her couldn’t help but sit back and smile and cheer her on. 

Christy, 2016 was a bitch of a year for you. There’s no doubt about it. But the courage and tenacity you showed this year inspired all of us. 

You showed up this year. So damn big.  You are an inspiration to any woman who feels powerless in her life. 

Any woman who has awoken to a partner or a life that no longer aligns to what they envisioned. You are an inspiration to all of them. You have allowed them to see they are worth it. You taught them this by declaring to the world that YOU are worth it. 

But most importantly, you are inspiration to your children. You’ve taught them so many incredible lessons this year, by modelling strength and courage.

By standing up for YOU, you have allowed your children to never accept any less, for themselves, within their futures. 

I’m so immeasurably proud of you, Christy. You are doing remarkable things and I’m confident that your 2017 will blow the doors off anything you have created so far. 

Christy’s offer to you:

Christy owns House Envy Interiors where she specializes in creating spaces you love. Christy can revamp your current home AND assist you with a new residential home build. 

She also has working relationships with reputable contractors in order to bring whatever you envision for your space, to life. 

You can follow Christy and House Envy on Facebook, Instagram or Houzz 

Here’s some before and after pictures of a bedroom revamp she recently completed. 


Christy is offering TWO – 8.5 x 11 prints to the first 10 people who like her Facebook Page. 

You can frame these motivational messages prints; such a creative way to put an touch of inspiration in any rooms. 

*Winners choose the prints of their choice. (Frame not included)

Motivation & Inspirational Message in action

Join us next week as our countdown of Top Ten Favorite Inspirational Women of 2016 continues. 

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Top Ten Favorite Inspirational Women of 2016: #7 – Jacquie Carter

As I write these I’m realizing this is a bit larger of a task than I originally thought it would be.  Not because of the work involved, as technically its only two more posts than I usually create per week.  It’s a bigger task ENERGETICALLY.

In regards to the posts, a good friend said to me, “Buddy, this is something people only say about someone at their funeral.”  And I guess I never thought of it, but it’s true!  Perhaps that’s why these are so darn exciting to create.

Our #7 Favorite Inspirational Women of 2016 is my new, but dear, friend Jacquie Carter.  Jacquie has been present in my life for about 5 years (give or take) as our husbands were business partners.  As a result of this connection, we moved within the same circle frequently.  We chatted at Christmas parties or summer barbeques and I always enjoyed bumping into her, yet we still remained merely acquaintances.

Last year as my boys struggled with school and anxiety and their “Days Absent” totals started to climb, the Universe cued Jacquie.  Jacquie represents a company called Vibe H2O which takes the healing properties of gemstones, combined with homeopathic principles and a ‘special recipe’ to create a Chakra line, Lifestyles line, and a Protection spray that entirely supports all areas of the body (emotional, physical, spiritual and mental)

Now, I will be honest, I didn’t know exactly what that meant…but the boys were at a point where we really willing to try ANYTHING.  The execution of the sprays was easy enough, we literally were required to spray the boys each morning.  I sprayed them and their clothes, their backpacks, shoes, the whole nine…everything they owned.

Vibe H2O Sprays
And I was AMAZED by the difference in my boys.  B became present.  That’s really the only word I can use to describe what happened.  He started to own his feelings and his emotions and started sharing with us what was going on with him.  We could have conversations with him on solutions to his problems and he would listen or share.  It was seriously a 180 with him in a few short weeks.

C was a little tougher nut to crack.  But the difference in his anxiety after using the sprays was absolutely apparent.

Before the sprays he was literally melting down to the point where the only solution was to give him the day off school because once he was spiraling it was full out and we could barely pull him back.

With the sprays, although the anxiety still flared up, he was more (once again I use this word) present.  We could maneuver the outbursts or anxiety and have discussions with him.  They made his ability to try the tools to self calm attainable to him.

In truth, there was still days where the sprays couldn’t touch him, but I also think that was C’s ability to sit in the anxiety with such strength and defiance.  He’s a strong little monkey when he sets his mind to something.  And on the days he WANTED to stay home, no amount of spray was going to change his mind.  However, on the days when he needed assistance.  When he needed something to have his back and give him a little push and fill his energy body with something more than he was capable of creating in that moment, the sprays did that for him.

B used the Love spray.  And C used the Protection Spray.  We also own the Insight and truthfully, I let the boys choose their spray each morning.  Each morning I allowed to feel which one their body needed as they needed it.  And they had incredible results.

Our family is incredibly grateful to Jacquie for showing up at a time in our world when we needed something, ANYTHING.

As a result of her assistance with the boys and their struggles, Jacquie started to sneak her way in my heart.  I love the way she shows up in this world and admire her for many reasons, but I wanted to share the major reason with all of you.

Jacquie lives her life of honoring herself and allows you to do the same.  So when she presented the sprays to us from a space of, “If this feels good to you, I represent a company called Vibe H2O…” I knew she was meant to be in our world.

I live each day by feeling how each decision feels in my heart.  I encourage others to do the same, to make decisions from a heart space and then forward from that place.

This is where Jacquie works from too.  I never feel more empowered than when I talk to Jacquie because if I say “No thank you” to something, she appreciates the heart space that decision has come from.

She is also refreshingly real!  Life isn’t perfect.  Sometimes in life, we can’t always make our decisions from a heart space.  Sometimes some of our most difficult life decisions are made by someone else.

2016 was a hell of a year for Jacquie.  Her heart was broken when her husband made the decision to file for divorce.  Jacquie was left with the task of rebuilding what was shattered as a result.

The shock of it all shook her.  As it would anyone.  It dropped her to her knees and took her to space she didn’t know existed.  But then something amazing happened.

In the darkest recesses of her existence she lifted her tear filled eyes and started to look around.  She started examining her life and her part in the demise of the marriage and what it all meant.  She started to re-evaluate past programs and belief structures. She examined herself.  She examined her marital relationship; what she thought it was, what it actually was, and what she was going to do about it moving forward.

And slowly but surely, she started to create a new personal awareness.

In the moment of such extreme pain, we all have two choices:

Option A:  We can unpack and live there. We can let the hurt define any future relationship.  We can build walls and shut down and become smaller all in attempt to “stay safe.”  All in an attempt to never feel that level of hurt again.

Option B:  We can pull ourselves forward.  Even if it’s little by little.  We can get honest with ourselves.  We can decide how we want to recreate ourselves and our future relationships.  No future blame, just life lessons that we acknowledge and more forward from.

My girl Jacquie rocked the shit out of Option B.  She showed up!  Even on the days when she wanted to crawl under her blankets and snuggle her puppy and hide from the world, she SHOWED UP!

She cried her tears, she looked at her life, she recreated it.  She never once hid from any of it.  Even when she was scared.  Even when her heart was so broken and she couldn’t get a clear read on anything – she just kept going.  One foot in front of the other.  Baby steps.  Tears and baby steps.  She did it.

I am so damn proud of this woman.  She completely 100% deserves to sit on this list.  I think we all have to make hard decisions in our life.  But when it is a decision that is made for us, the pain seems to hit with more force than we could ever imagine.

She never made a secret of her pain or her tears or her confusion or any of it.  Until such a time that her pain could move forward, she honored it and allowed it to be a part of her existence.  She just stood there, with it all.  Not for attention.  But merely because she didn’t have a choice, but to get cozy with her pain.  To get comfortable with it.

Jacquie, you are a rock star! You should be so incredibly proud of who you are and how you show up in this world.  Your truest self has created a space for other women to show up, without apologies or excuses, just the truest versions of themselves.  You are changing lives, just by honoring your pain.  I’m incredibly honored and proud to call you a friend.

Jacquie’s Offer to my readers:

I have a passion for guiding and supporting others.  So when I came across Vibe H2O and it’s product line I knew it was an absolute fit for what I believe in.

In addition, bling up and improve the taste of water (after 8 minutes) while getting the scientifically proven, healing benefits of Gemstones with the VitaJewel line, also by Vibe H2O.

                  -Jacquie Carter

VitaJewel Water Bottles
Jacquie is the Regina and Area distributor for Vibe H2O and carries the majority of products in stock right here in the city.  Her online store is opening soon.

In addition to Vibe H2O, Jacquie is a Body & Energy Worker, with over 20 years experience, who assists you using such modalities as Access Energetic Facelifts, Body Work, Heart Centered Gatherings to heal and create your life. 

Jacquie is offering two options:

#1.  Completely relax the entire body while rejuvenating the face and appearance of aging with an Energetic Facelift.  Sessions are 60 minutes.

Save $20, if purchased in the month of December.

#2.  Access Bars – There is 32 points on your head, when gently touched the opportunity to release any limiting beliefs, patterns or emotions you have held about anything in your life can be released, thus creating more space to create the life you truly want.

Save $20, if purchased in the month of December

To contact Jacquie or book a session and take advantage of this special pricing, visit her at

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Top Ten Favorite Inspirational Women of 2016: #8 – Ginger Braaten

Ginger Braaten sits at my 8th position for Favorite Inspiration Women of 2016. I have to giggle about Gingers reaction to being on this list.  I called Ginger to ask her if she would be interested in being showcased and I was greeted with her complete shock as she excitedly said, “I would be honored!” I almost felt as though I should remind her, I am NOT Oprah lol

I have known Ginger since high school, but we actually moved in different circles back then, so although I knew of her, I didn’t know her. We had the opportunity to reconnect over the past few years and even though we aren’t tight friends I always appreciate when our paths cross.

Ginger has an ability to make everyone smile and feel at home just by being herself.  She is physically a blonde bombshell sweetheart who rocks ripped jeans like nobody I know.  But its her soul that keeps me craving our run-ins.

She has a laugh that truly explodes from her spirit and makes you feel her excitement or joy.  She has a smile with these adorable, sparkly eyes that makes you want to hang out and become a part of her inner circle.

But still that is not her best attribute…

Ginger owns a company called Best Food Forward, nicknamed BFF.  (Fitting; considering we all want to be her BFF!)  A company that takes food prep and it’s industry to a new level.

When asked why she opened BFF, this is what Ginger had to say:

I was at a crossroads and wasn’t sure what I was going to do for a “job”. So instead of getting another “job”, my best friend encouraged me to start planning meals and cooking for people. 

 I started testing the idea with friend and family in December of 2014. By March of 2015, I was full. 

In  May 2016, Ginger took a major leap of faith and expanded her vision; pivoting Best Food Forward from a home service to a storefront business. She still cooks for her very first client in their home due to severe nut and egg allergies. In addition to cooking weekly meals for her clients with an online menu that changes weekly which includes breads, muffins, full family sized suppers and lunches and more. 

In addition, BFF provides all types of catering. As well as rents her kitchen to other small food producers; she currently shares her space with four fellow producers. 

 She pulls it all together in her commercial kitchen and pick up depot located at 104-815-7th Avenue in Regina. 

It’s a really awesome little food community and I couldn’t be happier with my “job”.

            -Ginger Braaten, Owner of BFF

Her website says:

We offer fresh, healthy meals for pick up daily or for home delivery twice a week. You can choose an entire week’s worth of meals with an easy to follow plan or you can just order one or two meals. It’s up to you!

Imagine if your grocery shopping was done, all your meals were planned and prepared for you each and every week! Imagine no more, Best Food Forward is here.

Best Food Forward believes that nourishing our bodies is the first step in achieving our best in everything we do. We believe in fresh ingredients and menus that change often is important. We believe in offering an option that truly saves our customers time, a lot of time, on average 8 – 10 hours a week! What would you do with all that extra time?

Done…like Dinner! Best Food Forward!

So aside from all the reason I listed above, I treasure Ginger because she is delivers healthy food.  

Ok, it’s more than that; you’re right  – although one has to appreciate the convenience she has created.

I treasure her because she is LIVING her passion.  She takes delight in cooking and has figured out how to create her world to honored her allegiance to healthy home cooked meals.

And yep, owning a business is hard!  Some days I’m sure she has cried for more reasons than because of the onions she’s mincing, yet she still shows up.

She doesn’t show up because she made a commitment or has a building lease.  No ma’am! She shows up because deep in her soul, way down in the recesses of her heart, she remembers that she loves food. She remembers she delights in the ability to provide meals to busy family.   She loves the business model that she has created. And so regardless of what each day brings, she knows that she is exactly where she wants to be.

So, my dear sweet Ginger, YOU are #8 for that reason right there.  For living your dream. Because by living your dream, you are creating space for others to do the same.  You are creating a beautiful, ripple effect that affects everyone around you, whether you are consciously aware of it or not.

Every time I see you drift by on my Facebook newsfeed I feel you and I high five you. Thank you for living your passion and staying true to your soul.  You inspire me and you totally rock at being you!

Gingers offer to you, the readers:

Ginger truly believes that BFF allows her clients to be their best. She estimates that her service saves her clients 8 – 10 hours each week. With that time, her clients can truly be on their game!

Ginger is offering each you 15% off your very first order with Best Food Forward!!

Oh yeah, baby!! How great is that??! Our girl Ginger just saved you the trouble of figuring out supper. 


Go to and use Code BESTLIFE upon check out to take advantage of this offer!! 

 *Note: These are not affiliate links and is not in any way receiving monies or products in connection to the publication of these posts.


Top Ten Favorite Inspirational Women of 2016: #9 -Robin Somji

Ohgmiosh, I am loving writing these posts so much!  I seriously have butterflies as I bring all the beautiful women together and share…

Our #9 Favorite Inspirational Woman of 2016 is my incredible friend, Robin Somji.  I have known Robin for more than 10 years and I have always been mind blown with how she shows up in the world.  She is the epitome of what it means to Stand In Your Power.

The first time I met Robin was a Wedding Expo.  We each were vendors, she selling life insurance and I sharing my Scrapbooking Store wares. We bonded over my paper selection because as it turned out, she also had a side business creating wedding invitations.

Our mutual love of LeapFrog Green Bazzill Paper created a friendship that was (and still continues to be) unique.

Robin showed up in a time in my life when my depression was at its highest.  I was plagued with new mom guilt, unworthiness and a general exhaustion on who I was, but Robin ALWAYS saw the good in me.  She believed in me, she listened to me and she appreciated me.  And the way she showed up in my world, made me begin to believe that maybe there was something beautiful inside me after all.

I always refer to Robin as the “Gatherer of People.”  She is often the Emcee, the party planner, and the cheerleader for many people.  But most importantly, she has an uncanny ability to meet people exactly where they are at.  She doesn’t demand or expect anything from anyone and always bring 150% pure love into every situation; be it her career, her parties or her relationships.

She loves herself, truly loves herself.  Not in a boastful or arrogant space, but in a true genuine self assurance that makes you want to have it for yourself too.  In fact, in honesty it made me demand it from myself.  It made me decide that I was worthy of more without her ever speaking a word.

This is the beauty that is Robin, she doesn’t need to speak a word, she stands so strongly that just her presence in your world will help you believe you could create a better version of your life. AND that you deserve it too!

Our lives have changed drastically over the 10 years.  I have more kids than when we first met and clearly have taken a major career change.  Robin now lives in Calgary with her ADORABLE (and I seriously mean adorable) twins and step kids and her husband.  But no matter the miles between us or how time has marched forward, she will always be in my heart.  She reshaped my world, my self worth and my views on myself, all by existing.

Oh yah, and also my favorite thing about Robin…she has the midas touch when it comes to business.  Whatever she gets behind, she rocks the shit out of it.  Seriously, any industry, any path and anywhere she goes, she is a mover and shaker.

Robin’s Offer to you:

Because of who she is, her offer is something that makes me want to stand up and cheer for anyone who aligns with it.

Robin represents a company called Rodan & Fields:

Rodan and Fields is a life changing skincare. Founded by the Stanford trained dermatologists that created Proactiv,  Drs, Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, have developed a company that will empower all. The doctors are genuine women that think outside the box. They have created regimens that focus on the major skin concerns: sensitivities, acne, sun damage and aging. Their results driven products have a 60 day money back guarantee – they believe in them that much! They want you to love your skincare and your skin! And they also want to live the life you want.

-Robin Somji, Level V Executive Consultant


She is moving her way up quickly within the company and people are starting to take notice of who she is and what she is creating.

And although, I would agree that much of her success is attributed to her savvy business mind, I think more accurately its because of who she is.  The way she showed up for me all those years ago, although it is unique within the world as we know, it is not unique for Robin.  THIS is how she shows up for everyone who has the privilege to form a relationship with her.

Robin is offering YOU the opportunity to align with her and Rodan & Fields.  If you are considering a new avenue and want to make more money in 2017, make new friendships or create a business of your own, consider joining Robin’s team and become a Rodan & Fields representative.

When you start a business (within any industry) you want a leader who you can trust, who has your interests in mind, who believes in you, and cares about your success.  And I truly believe with all my heart that Robin will do all of this for you – AND MORE!

In fact, I believe in the opportunity to work with Robin so strongly, that when I went to her business showcase a few months ago, I literally had to SIT ON MY HANDS, so I didn’t buy the business kit she was offering.  Not only because of the products, but because I know that with Robin as a team leader, plus YOUR personal drive and hard work, anyone who aligns with her  will be on the fast track to success.

You can start your own business for as little as $52 with your very own website (no home parties and no inventories).  OR you can take advantage of $75 off the Big Biz Kit.

Contact Robin:


Visit her website to try the products.  Become a preferred customer and receive the Mineral Peptides at 1/2 Price as an Instant Thanks!

(Don’t let the fact that she lives in Calgary be a deterrent, she makes frequent stops in Regina to support her team and her existing customer base)


*Note: These are not affiliate links and is not in any way receiving monies or products in connection to the publication of these posts.

Top Ten Favorite Inspirational Women of 2016: #10 – Bailey Fleck


I am a social butterfly by nature.  At the beginning of any social event my husband can always be heard telling our kids, “There she goes kids, watch Mommy flutter.”  I love meeting new people and truly do find myself fluttering around from table to table catching up with anyone and everyone.  It’s the kind of stuff that fills my soul.

Two years ago, I performed a Live Psychic Group Reading in the booming metropolis of Lumsden, SK.  The small community complex was packed and I had a wonderful night with tons of laughs and healing and while that does fire me up and excite me, my favorite is still always meeting the people who attend the events.

(And I mean the ACTUAL physical 3D people who attend, not just Spirit.)

The Lumsden Show is where I met Bailey Fleck. From the moment I met her, I was literally in awe of her.  She has the brightest and kindest eyes I have ever encountered which mirror her gorgeous soul.

Here’s a Lana confession so brace yourself:  As much as I love fluttering and meeting people in real life, I find social media truly exhausting at times.  I find people show up in a way that portrays them in “the best light” even if it means they have fluffed the truth a bit. Genuine moments are few and far between when it comes to social media.

Bailey is my bright light on my Social Media Friends List.  Her love for her life radiates through and anytime she pops up on my newsfeed, I find myself smiling at her mere presence in my world.  Honestly, although I don’t know Bailey as well as some of the other ladies I will be showcasing this week, I wouldn’t trade her for anything.

Any one who has a chance to hang out with this lovely soul, will quickly feel as blessed to know her, as I do. She moves through life with such integrity and honesty and she is stunningly refreshing.

This week as I scrolled my Facebook feed Bailey struck again with this beauty of a video she posted. Watch right to the end….

Did you see her eyes smile?  Ahhh, isn’t she adorable??!! I gotta say: I borderlined on creepy when this video slid across my newsfeed because I watched it over and over and over again just to see her eyes smile.  Adorable!

After I was done with the eye smiles, I HAD to know what lipstick she is selling in this video.  Because I don’t know about you, but within 20 minutes of a lipstick application I look like a …well, lets just say it’s not pretty as my make up application techniques can be questionable at best, let’s just leave it at that….so a SMUDGE FREE LIPSTICK is exactly what I need in my world.

Sign. Me. Up!

If you want to get some of this fabulousness too you can visit Bailey’s Facebook Group – Let’s Get Lippy with Bailey & Dee (Bailey is in biz with her equally adorable mom, Dee! Seriously, I’m beginning to think the bright and bubbly persona is DNA specific!)

While you’re there enter to WIN their giveaway which was launched TODAY in celebration of THIS blog post.  You have a chance to win the LipSense Starter Kit (which includes the gloss, color and remover)for FREE.  That’s a $70 value! How fun is that?!

Bailey Fleck, thank you for being a brilliant beacon in this world.  For showing up and being the truest version of you.  This beautiful young woman is an example of the ripple effect I love to talk about.  Just by BEING, just by showing up and smiling, Bailey makes me smile.

Much love to you, my girl!  Thanks for being part of my world.


*Note:  These are not affiliate links and is not in any way receiving monies or products in connection to the publication of these posts.

Top Ten Favorite Inspirational Women of 2016: Coming Soon!


As each year comes to close, I find myself, once again, sitting within reflection. I always take the month of December to think of what I have accomplished, where I missed the mark, and what I want next year to look like.

One of my favorite quotes of 2016 is “You are a product of the people you surround yourself with.”

Due to this quote, I also find myself reflecting on the relationships and the people I am blessed to be surrounded by.

This year I I thought it would be fun to share my reflections with you – I have dubbed it my “Top Ten Favorite Women of 2016.”

As woman we need to celebrate each other more; celebrate our uniqueness and our life journey regardless of how they differ from one another’s.

Each woman I will showcase over the next ten days is unique in who they are or how they move through life, yet each is an incredible part of the puzzle that makes up me. Each individual has touched my life and made my 2016 remarkable, just by showing up, by being authentic, and by living their passion. In addition, their products or business services have made me (and my family) happy, made us smile or given us strength in some way.

Woohoo Note:

So yah, these ladies are incredible!  I mean, I already knew that, but then this happened….  I discussed with each woman my vision for the Top Ten


They each OFFERED to provide  a discount, an opportunity or a gift, for MY readers. Seriously??  So, not only are they all incredible; they are also very generous!

Watch for the “Top Ten Favorite Women of 2016” daily starting December 5 thru December 14. And get ready to jump on the opportunity each of my “Top Ten Favorite Women of 2016” are  offering YOU!

I am confident these ladies will quickly become your favorites too!


*Note:  These are not affiliate links and is not in any way receiving monies or products in connection to the publication of these posts.

5 Ways To Love Yourself This Holiday Season

December 1st marks the beginning of the holiday season. 

As a kid this was my favorite time of the year.

It meant:

  1. Frilly, sparkly Christmas dresses that arched elegantly when I spun around. 
  2. Shiny black, patent leather shoes that pinched my feet. 
  3. 80’s curled hairstyles held together with Paul Mitchell hairspray, 
  4. Holiday treats stolen from my Grandma’s table throughout the entire night while we waited to open presents. 
  5. And of course,  SANTA!!

The biggest stress I faced during the holiday season was gauging my moms mood as she held a curling iron in my fine, sometimes stringy, hair while she sighed heavily as she angrily reminded me, “Sit still. I’m having a hard time breathing life into this mop of yours.”

Even her back handed comment couldn’t burst the bubble I floated in during the holiday season. It truly was the most wonderful time of the year. 

But as an adult….

There’s tree trimming, present purchases, party prep and family – lots and lots of family. And let’s not even mention the god forsaken Elf on The Shelf. 

Yep! The holiday season means work and fancy schedule juggling. 

All of this equates to MAJOR adult stresses. 

My Holiday Season bubble popped LOUDLY, about 10 years ago. It’s just too much for me.

And, if I can be honest, I have found myself daydreaming about winter vacations to Phoenix just so I can skip the entire holiday season. 

Surely I’m not alone with my Holiday Season Dread. So I have created you a list of ways to love yourself this holiday season. 

1) Scale Back

At the peak of our Christmas Clusterf**k we were literally attending Christmas dinners for the entire month of December. 

I kid you not, our first Christmas Dinner of the season was the first weekend of December with a gift exchange. And our last one was usually December 27!  During the peak, we were consuming SEVEN holiday dinners. 

It meant Christmas shopping was completed by November 30. It was crazy AND an absolute recipe for burnout. By the time the last piece of curly ribbon hit the recycle bin that year I nearly cheered with relief. 

No more!  We are now very stingy with our Christmas dinners. We do not attend Christmases for a month straight. It was not sustainable and, once again in honesty, not enjoyable for anyone. 

2) Don’t attend every party you’re invited to 

It seems like everyone we know has a holiday party. We could be kept very busy socially, if we RSVP’d yes to everyone. 

But we have decided that’s not the way we want to spend our holidays. We are also choosy with these. It’s not personal, it’s just self preservation. 

3) Don’t bake if you don’t want to

I’m not a baker. Or a cook really. I do it to keep my family alive, but I’m not going to win a “Canadian Cook Off” anytime soon. 

Sometimes I will make brownies, but that’s because I’m picky about my brownies. Using my recipe will guarantee I will like them when they are done, unlike some of the results I have had from grocery store brownies. Blech!

The holidays are the most common time for Potlucks. You get asked to bring something: A dessert. A salad. A platter etc. 

If you hate baking etc. BUY IT!! It’s more common than you think. Don’t put unneeded stress on yourself. Take shortcuts wherever you can. 

3) Create Boundaries

There will be people who disrespect you. And it’s your job to decide how they will affect you. (Not only during the holidays, but all year long too)

Decide what you want to do about the way you’re being treated. There are times when standing in your power is necessary and times when this will create unnecessary drama and it’s best to walk away. 

Decide and implement your boundaries. And don’t let anyone change your mind. 

4) Don’t compare yourself to others

We all have the one person during the holidays who seems to own the best clothes or have the greatest hairstyles. Or is just plain adorable. She graces the doorsteps of any party and people swoon — wishing they could have her closet or her hair or her personality, even for just one day. 

And quickly, you feel like you have ordered your clothes from the “Hillbilly Hoedown Holiday Edition Magazine”

So while you dress for your holiday party remember: You are perfect exactly as you are. Wear what makes you comfortable. Style your hair in a way that makes you happy. And most importantly, be YOU!

Going to an event in clothes or hairstyles you are uncomfortable wearing (or faking your way through the evening) will exhaust you faster than running a marathon in a snowsuit during a Sasky blizzard. 

5) Observe without plugging in (This one is for all my empath friends)

As empaths we have the ability to FEEL everything. We know Susie had a fight with their husband on the way to the party. We know George hates his job. We know Grace is seriously over the top in love with her new BF!

AND we know exactly who, at the party, hates being at the party. 

So what do you do when the everyone’s energy is so easily available to you and quickly you begin swirling in the emotion of it all?

Observe without plugging in. 

What does that mean?

Just because you can see it doesn’t mean you need to form an opinion or create  a solution in your head.  Just observe it. Snuggle up with some wine and watch the show. 

Don’t get invested in the outcome. Quite honestly, Susie’s fight with her husband is probably causing you more anxiety than it is to Susie. You may have spent more time analyzing Susie’s feelings than, even, Susie herself has. And there is no point wasting your time and energy on something that is none of your business. 

Eventually you won’t even need to observe anymore. You will be able remain unplugged completely. But that can take time. 

The Holiday Season can be fun again. Somehow we’ve allowed ourselves to get tumbled up in expectations of others which creates exhaustion. Allow yourself to create your holidays in a way that makes you happy. Find the balance. 

Bonus Tip: You do not have to explain your balance to anyone. Just find the balance that makes you happy. 

Let the festive season commence!