Belief Structures

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If you have followed me for a period of time, coached with me, or even met in IRL, for that matter, you will have heard me use the words “Belief Structures.”

Yet, it remains the part of my job that either scares the shit out of people or intimidates them because they just don’t understand it. So I thought I would break it down for you. Kind of explain it to you, in standard Lana-ism stories.  Stories that keep bringing people back to this blog, although the reasons why that is still remain foreign to me lol

Growing up, my dad farmed.  (Well ok, my dad still farms, we just aren’t around to daily witness it, anymore) Harvest was a crazy, busy time of the year around our house. Dad worked long late hours chasing wheat in the fields, while my mom packed the lunches and prepped the meals.

(On a side note: I can still to this day, make a mean farmer worthy sandwich like nobody’s business, but because this isn’t a resume for a diner job, I will spare you the details)

My dad and the team of men were pretty clear on suppertime requirements. It had to consist of three things:

  1. It had to happen promptly at 6pm
  2. It had to be a strong meal with meat, potatoes, and a vegetable (salad was ok, but not always appreciated)
  3. Dessert was strongly encouraged

Because the nearest grocery store that had “fair prices” was an hour away our pantry was fully stocked each week with ANY possible meal requirement to sustain these hungry men.

As a result of the grocery store distance, my mom used to keep Jello pudding in the pantry because it had a long expiry date, it was to ONLY be used during a harvest lack of dessert emergency. It was a dessert she could dress up with whip cream. TADA!  Magical!

We knew the Jello Pudding packages were off limits. We didn’t ask for them. They were for grumpy harvest men emergency dessert. It became a strong belief structure in our home.

The first year I moved out on my own, I proudly went grocery shopping for the first time. Stocking my cupboard with all the household requirements I remembered from back home; WHITE bread, Miracle Whip, not mayo, etc.  I purchased all the products we used at home, and then triumphantly included  THE JELLO PUDDING in my initial purchase.

The Jello Pudding was placed on the shelf, to sit and wait for an  adequate
“dessert emergency.”

The sacred pudding even made the move from my lowly apartment to mine and Dons first house. Still untouched. Waiting.

Five years later, Don and I are packing for our next house. As we packed items into boxes, the Jello Pudding was removed from its spot in the pantry. It had officially expired.

And that’s when Don says to me “Ummm, we had Jello Pudding, why didn’t we eat it, that stuff is AWESOME!”

I pluck it from his hand, throughly annoyed and “remind” him of the rule he couldn’t possible know, “Jello is for EMERGENCIES”

He laughs, big huge rolling laughs. And then asks “And what kind of emergency will you be solving with Jello Pudding?”

There it was! I started laughing too! But I also realized, I didn’t need the Jello Pudding. I didn’t have dessert emergencies. This was something I just lived and learned. But I didn’t need it!  I lived FIVE minutes from any grocery store.  If an emergency ever popped up, I could pop out and pick up whatever I needed.

THIS is an example of a belief structure. Something you are taught at a young age, and then just continue on with. You don’t question it, or evaluate if it’s effective in your world.

You don’t think to, it’s just engrained in you and you do it. Without ever realizing it could be different

One of my jobs as an Empowerment Life Coach is to assist my clients in creating the life of their dreams. And how I do that is by assisting them in noticing the belief structures they carry.

Now, even though my Jello story was harmless and didn’t effect my life negatively. The truth is, we all carry structures that are blocking us from moving forward.  Which have much stronger influences in our lives and futures, we just can’t see it!

Sometimes we want to create something different than how we are raised, but we can’t do that with old belief structures of our parents, now can we?

Even if you grew up in a fabulous childhood, for example, we all still come out with something we want to do differently than how we were raised.  Its human nature to want more and create more.  And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  And I will wager a guess, your parents want that for you, as well.

Holding onto old belief structures, would be like having an old barn on your property. You decide you want a new barn, a NEW and IMPROVE barn, but yet you reuse the original wood from the old barn.

When you’re done building it you will soon realize, this barn will not exactly be the NEW and IMPROVED version you were looking for.

Our lives are like that.

If you want more money than you did growing up, you can’t go around quoting Grandpa Joe by telling people “Money doesn’t grow on trees, it takes hard work at a job you hate!”

Living within those belief structures will only keep you in old patterns.

Belief structures are super hard to spot because 98.73% of them we don’t even know we have. Much like the Jello story, we just do it, until someone points out we don’t have to do that!

(This is where life coaches are helpful, I’m just sayin lol)

What are some belief structures you have in your house? Things you do just because you were taught that way? Do you need it? Do you want it? Does it serve you for what you are creating? Allow yourself the freedom to “throw out the Jello Pudding”

Thank you for sharing in my journey.  If you like this post, please share it.

What Price Would You Put On Your Life?

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According to Google, the average person will own 12 vehicles in their lifetime; with an average price tag of $33,560 EACH!  Cities are filled and overflowing with car lots showcasing new and shiny vehicles ranging in econo to luxury.

Their flashy chrome packages or sleek tire rims wrapped in the aroma of the coveted “new car smell” makes even the most stealthy, household budgeter lustily swoon.

We have been trained, as a society, that the number of kilometers on a vehicle indicates how GOOD the vehicle is.  Any vehicle over 200,000kms becomes an object in which individuals squint and drive; surely convinced their vehicle is nearly worthless and ready to break down.

Recently, at a tradeshow, as I discussed my hourly rate with someone, she scoffed at me, rolled her eyes, and asked me, “How do I justify that kind of expense in my life.”

I get it.  I understand that the mere idea of spending $180 on yourself for a ONE hour session can boggle your mind.  I also, understand not every budget can accommodate this type of extravagance.  However, I want to wager a guess, that many households can afford it, yet choose to put their money elsewhere.

In fact, I will confidently lay down a bet that the belief structure of it being an obscene expense is really just that – – a belief structure.

And far be it from me to judge.

Instead I would like to add a perspective to this that perhaps some of you have never considered:

<First, I would like to take this juncture in the post,  to clarify this is not my personal plea for a larger client base.  It is merely the showcasing of a trend.  A trend that does not serve you.  A trend that you have believed; perhaps without even realizing it.  And I implore you to gift yourself the opportunity think differently.>

Six years ago, the idea of spending this kind of money on myself each week to get me out of my depression seemed staggering.  I had very little issue, however, justifying the anti-depressant prescription bill each month.  And the time off work because I was continuously sick, seemed a small cost to pay as well.

Yet the prospect of spending a large amount of money for ONE hour, well … my brain just simply could not justify it.

The only reason my husband and I agreed to a life coach was because every other avenue had created very little results.  We were at a “nothing-to-lose” crossroads, so we apprehensively spent the money.

Over the past six years, if I had to guess, I would say that I have spent (easily) near $30,000 on the betterment of my health.  This money was used for private hourly sessions, conferences, workshops and whatever else I needed to learn how create my life.  At one time, I recall, spending upwards of $750 in just ONE MONTH (for several months), on private life coaching sessions in order to keep on track.

<I literally heard a whistle escape your lips.  Just bear with me.>

How could I justify that expense?  How did our family live?

Purchase yours at

We lived with this thought process …

When I was 21 years old I walked into the local Chevrolet dealership and drove a brand new Blazer off the lot.  It had 15kms on it.  It was sweet.  It was my baby and I was so proud.  Yet, that thing nearly broke me financially.  It was horrible on fuel as it only got about 20miles per gallon.  Add to that the insurance per month and the monthly payment.  I was easily spending $600 per month.  (The bill would be higher, should I decide to take the “gas guzzler” on a road trip – yeesh)

At the end of three years, I sold the Blazer because it was too hard on fuel, and bought a Chevrolet Malibu.  Although it wasn’t brand new as the Blazer was, it was still only two years old.

What’s my point?  I never batted an eye over buying the Blazer.  Never.  I wanted it.  I had convinced myself that I would do anything to afford it. And I did.

So why don’t we give the same courtesy to our body.  To our minds?  To our spirits?  Why can we justify a vehicle purchase — but not a coaching session? (or any monies spent towards the betterment of your mind, body and spirit –  such as hot yoga, organic food, alternative healing modalities, etc)

What if we consider our bodies our vehicles.  Except with this vehicle, YOU ONLY GET ONE.  There is no trade ins when the kilometers get too high.  There is no lease buy backs or absolutely no refunds.

This body IS IT.  You only get one.

We would NEVER expect our Blazer to run without an oil change or seasonal maintenance.

Yet, we expect our bodies to.

We never expect our Blazer to come sit on our driveways for free.

Yet we expect our bodies to.

Consider your body your vehicle.  What price would you place on your life?

People say, how will my family live without that money I’m spending on me?  Well guess what, if I hadn’t spent that money on me, my family would be without me.   I wrote about this in a post entitled “To the Edge and Back” – so I won’t rehash again for you now lol

I will just say this:  I’m confident my husband and I would spend the money again, if it meant I could be the person I am today.  If it meant I could smile and be present in their lives like I am now.

$30,000 is a heck of a deal for the vehicle that is my body!  What price would your put on your life?

Thank you for sharing in my journey.

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The Reason I View Annoying People As A Special Gift From The Universe!

There are many spiritual phrases that float around Social Media. And often these phrases are misunderstood. 

One that has become quite popular, all while creating much confusion, and triggering feelings of unworthiness is this one:

The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become

It eludes to the belief that with spirituality or a higher awareness comes peace. That suddenly as an Intuitive or Energy Worker or a spiritual person, you are transformed into a special space of constant Zen. 

As if by miracle, annoying people are suddenly not irritating to you at all. 

This quote leads you to believe that within your new found spirituality you will now possess the much coveted “inner peace” which will equate to you never experiencing the desire to throat punch anyone ever again. 

Spectactularly too, as a result, the aggravation you once experienced whenever the Over the Top “Unnamed Company” business rep corners you at the school Halloween Party her kids also attend (to tell you AGAIN about how she just earned ANOTHER free Disney Cruise just by working her business) will seemingly disappear. 

It convinces you that within spirituality you will suddenly appreciate her. You will be able to say things like “It’s her journey!” And other equally zen-like statements, and as a result catapult yourself into a higher level of consciousness. 

As a person who has struggled with anger and many “throat-punching-people” fantasies for years, the above quote actually became quite stressful to me.

Each morning as I woke I would vow that today would be the day! 

That today no one would be able to penetrate my “Zen Barrier”. That my inner peace was strong enough to withstand the O.T.T. “Unnamed Company” Rep and the others like her. 

And each day someone would not only penetrate the barrier….

They would damn well blow the barrier gates right off and leave me with a weeks worth of clean up and soul reconstruction. 

Each time this would happen I would think, “Dang it! I guess, I’m still not spiritual.”

I would repeat this process over and over and over again. Each time it would break me down more and more as I would question why I could not master the peaceful mentality that clearly all other “good” Spiritual folks were living in. 

And finally I learned:  There is much more of a process related to this quote than what the mere simplicity of the words eludes to.

Here’s what I mean:

Is it ever possible to get to a space of peace?  Sure it is. But not by simply ignoring annoying people. That’s impossible. 

The process goes deeper than that. 

First- what you have to know is that the Universe responds to our energy. It knows what we are trying to manifest and the energy we need to sit in in order for the said goal to come into fruition. 

It also knows what programs and past beliefs we carry and which ones we need to shift out of, or rid ourselves of, in order to create the new space we want to move into. 

Huh what?? 

Let me break it down with an example. 

We attract what we want into our reality. We decide what we want and the Universe lines it up. 

 So let’s say you want to attract more money into your reality. As soon as you decide you want more money the Universe starts shifting and moving the world and the people, as needed, in order to accommodate your request. 

Now, let’s say you have a belief that you don’t DESERVE lots of money though. It could be said then, that you hold a program that you are unworthy of attaining the very same money you are trying to manifest (Now this can run quite deep, but we are going to keep this light and skim the surface for the idea of this example)

Now, remember how I said the Universe is shifting and moving the world and the people in it to bring you the money you are manifesting. 

It is also shifting and moving YOU to bring you money. 

And one of the ways it will do that is by exposing to you the programs you carry within you. 

Why would the Universe do that? In order to shift and move you into a space where you can accept and receive the money you have manifested. 

How will the Universe do that? By bringing people like the OTT Unnamed Company rep into your path. 

These people are triggers. Triggers expose your programs so you can move out of them and into the new space you want to be in in order to accept the money you have manifested. 

So, how do you know someone is a trigger? When you feel you want to throat punch them. 

No seriously!

When someone creates that big of reaction in you then they are absolutely a trigger. And a trigger is your opportunity to shift. 

How do you shift? By being incredibly, absolutely, unequivocally honest with yourself in that moment. 

You see, the Company Rep lady would create such a reaction because (once again, for example) you want to take YOUR kids on a Disneyland Cruise for free but have a belief you could never ever possibly do that. 

Now, the mere acknowledgment of this will NOT make it so you suddenly become a join her business team and become a rep on her team. Nor does it mean you will suddenly become BFF’s. (Although never say never) 

The dislike for her may also never receed. Yet, the growing desire to throat punch her will absolutely (mostly) dissolve. 

It’s also important to know that just because you are spiritual does not mean you will suddenly love everyone. 

You won’t. Ever. 

But the desire to throat punch the entire population will drastically evaporate as you begin to understand WHY someone could provoke such a big reaction out of you.  

And by acknowledging why someone triggers you, will also gift you the opportunity to release an old program that you carry. 

It brings you a new awareness of how you view the world around you. 

This new awareness will allow you to decide how you want to shift and create a new world. 

So…..When someone has you gritting your teeth and biting your tongue, you will now KNOW this annoying person has a beautiful gift for you. The gift of opportunity. The gift of shifting out of the old which no longer serves us and into the new. 

And THAT’S what the quote above means. 

Thank you for sharing in my journey. 

Please share!