Book Review: Your Inner Compass That Could

Ohmigosh!  I seriously am so excited to share this with you!  I have so many reasons I love this book ….

As 99% of you know we started our homeschool journey two years ago.  (We actually JUST completed our second year of homeschooling this week).  When we started that first year, we created goals for each of our kids.  We had three goals for each of them and they were:  Academics, spirituality and self esteem/self worth.  We wanted our children to grow in each of these three categories.

Academics was the easiest one to create for them.  As homeschoolers,  there is no shortage of curriculum to choose from to align with any education standards you wish to achieve.

The self esteem proved to be easier than we thought as well.  Apparently love IS ENOUGH lol – Each of boys have grown in this avenue substantially.  But I know its strongly because we create an atmosphere in which they are able to honor themselves at all costs.  We put very little pressure on them in the way of social requirements and really allow them to move through their lifetime  as freely as they wish.

The last leg of our goals has been more difficult to create for them however.  When I started homeschooling, I took my knowledge as an Intuitive Empowerment Coach and wanted to create a space in which my kids could listen to their souls and hearts and decide what they wanted.

Unfortuntely for them, their mother is strongly versed in the lingo that connects with ADULTS and I had a difficult time bringing it down to a kids level in a fun way that they can connect to it.

I noticed early on that there is a plethora of books for kindness, sharing, keeping promises, bullying and so many other childhood topics however, NO one wrote about honoring your soul.

I have worked with countless adults who have to LEARN at an adult age what honoring your soul means (myself included).  And as such, I really wanted to teach my kids to do it now, instead of waiting until they are adults when it seems to be SO.  MUCH. MORE. DIFFICULT.

And then I learned of THIS book.  Your Inner Compass That Could.  This book was written by Kristin Pierce, a fellow Sasky girl (woop woop)!  And she teaches kinds in rhyming words and fun illustrations how to honor their INNER COMPASS!

I was sooo excited to get my hands on this book and share it with my Littles (age 6 & 8).  I am a huge believer that every child should know a few things that are mentioned in this book…

First, that they have an inner compass (or as us adults call it, their soul) which knows why they are here and can guide you if you let it!  Yay!  So great.

Second, it teaches them that if they want to change their minds about where they are heading they can.  Woohoo High Fives, Kristin!  Cause how many times as adults do we stay in a space because we have “committed” instead of honoring the fact that our souls desires have changed.  This portion of the book gives the kids the freedom to change and reroute and realign and it doesn’t make it scary or a bad thing!!  Like I said, High Fives, girl!

Next it teaches them when we ignore our compass not to worry, just blow off the dust and realign.  We do this as adults ALL.  THE.  TIME.  We lose our way.  We get tossed back up into our old thoughts and belief structures and programs and forget to honor us.  This passage in the books releases all the fear and guilt, and just reminds us to “blow the dust off” and realign.  BOOM!

I love this book for a hundred reasons.  But for fear that I will give away all the goodness of the book, I will leave you with only those three above points.

THEN, because you know, Kristin is just a rock star.  She created activities to go with the book FOR FREE. With a link listed at the back of the book, you can access add on activities to help the kids really discover their Inner Compass.

And as a homeschool mama, this was a perfect addition to our curriculum.

We did the “Door of Unlimited Possibilities” activity.  It allows the kids to create their door and look within themselves for what they want for their future using their inner compass (their soul) as their guide.

This activity was so much fun.  I did take a bit of a side road and allowed my kids the freedom of creating any door they wanted (even though Kristin provides a template, I’m sure she won’t mind our detour lol)

My littles just blew me away with their creativity and original ideas on what their door looks like.  We didn’t even google doors or anything, they just knew!  It made me so proud of them!

Here’s some pictures of them creating their “Door of Unlimited Possibilities”

This one (above) is C’s – he had large double doors because he said he needed HUGE doors.  Anyone who knows my C knows there is not a truer statement ever spoken.  That boy is HUGE with his energy and spiritual knowledge.  I could see why his soul would desire a dramatic double door.  Inside he created his dream of being a Roblox YouTuber with 30 trillion? viewers!  Rock and roll, little buddy.  If anyone can woo 30trillion viewers it will be you!

This one (above) is Miss E’s.  She needed her door surrounded with flowers and a door hidden amongst them.  Once again, that’s our girl.  She keeps her biggest and brightest moments put away and only those closest to her will see her wit and charm and LOVE.  If you aren’t in her circle, she will nod and smile and walk away so non-chalantly that you will wonder if she talks at all.  She does.  She’s my daughter, so trust me, SHE DOES! Inside she created her dream of owning a unicorn.  And while the mom in me wanted to tell her to create something attainable…I controlled myself and just let her have the freedom of connection.  I wanted her to allow herself to move into her soul and allow her six year old self to dream and feel her soul.  And what six year old little girl wouldn’t dream of riding off on a unicorn.  Hell, I know some adults who still want this to happen.

So there you have it folks!  This book is a home run over here.  It allowed us to accomplish a portion of our goals for our kids that nothing has been able to touch.

Thank you Kristin for writing a book that has moved our family.  Not only did you allow my kids to connect with themselves in a new capacity, but you also allowed me to create a space of dreaming for them.

Our family is so incredibly grateful that you followed your heart.  You listened to your inner compass and created a ripple that is felt all the way over here!!

Where to buy the book:

The book is available in both Hardcover and Paperback online.

It is also available in the following stores:
– Cole’s in Northgate Mall – Regina
– Chapters Indigo – Regina
– McNally Robinson =- Saskatoon
– Coles in Lawson Heights Mall – Saskatoon
– Santosha Yoga – Warman
– Rosetown Central Plains Co-op – Rosetown

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Life Purpose: What It Means and How to Find It

The spiritual world is filled with pretty, buzz words like expanded consciousness, or mindfulness, or PURPOSE.

And sometimes these pretty buzz words invoke a feeling of less than in most of us.

For many years, society has rewarded those of us who are committed or put in a certain number of years at a job. Same for those who log insurmountable numbers of hours towards a project.

You know the ones. Those who earn the “Gold Watch.”

Alternatively, society has made billions of dollars off of education programs and certification courses in all industries. They have generated huge revenues by handing us an 8 1/2 x 11 paper validating to the world that we are officially “professionals” within our industry.

We all know someone who has a wall full of certificates, seemingly declaring to the world “I made it. I passed. I am worthy of claiming my professsionalism within my field”

The truth is within the structure of these people, the gold watch and the certification, we have adopted the belief that in order to stack up, or be enough, or deserve to be within the profession we need these things.

The very same thing happens when these pretty buzz words float around. Suddenly, society becomes swept up in figuring out our purpose.

In addition, there is a select few, who were minding their own business and enjoying life and are suddenly now panicky and stating to their friends, “Shit, did you know we were supposed to have a purpose??!!”

It’s ok, honey. Cool your jets and take a big breathe. You are fine. You aren’t behind and you, most certainly, did not miss a memo.

Purpose has become a pretty, buzz word that is now being thrown around in society.

Those who are earning the Gold Watch are those who found something they loved and have stuck with it. (Well some are remain at the jobs for the pension and hate their lives, but I digress — that will be a topic for another day)

Purpose is nothing more than finding a love or passion for something. And love can change. Passions can change.

Yet, let’s take this deeper:

What if your purpose has nothing to do with a career and has everything to with living each moment?

This is my own opinion, but I personally feel as though too much energy has been given to the word
purpose. Instead focus on your happiness every day. Every single minute. Every hour.

If you find yourself bouncing around and changing jobs or passions frequently, unfortunately, society will not have a gold watch or a certification for you. But you will receive something much grander…. A life you love.

Perhaps that’s a purpose in itself. To love your life. Simply. Without comparisons or feelings of being less than. Just truly loving your life.

But hey, because I wasn’t doing anything anyway – let’s go deeper still:

What if your purpose is more of a feeling or a certain thing to learn this life rather than a career to master.

Huh? What??!!

Stick with me on this.

What if you are here to learn self love, or patience or kindness. None of these would have to do with a career per say.

Listen, I understand we all need a job in order to pay our bills and have the life we want to create. We need a job in order to afford trips and holidays. Or even buy those fabulous boots we have been swooning over, but nothing says you have to stay at the same job for 25 years.

Nothing says you need to earn the gold watch. Much of society may believe that longevity is the key to happiness, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the 100% unequivocal truth.

So how to do you find your purpose? Perhaps it’s by honouring you. When you are bored with your job, find a new one. When you are tired of your life, create a new one. Simple really.

Don’t focus on the pretty, buzz words. Instead focus on your heart and what makes you happy. There is great purpose in happiness!


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