What The Power of Friendship Can Help You Achieve

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The other day while cruising my social media I tumbled across this little beauty of a meme:

And if I came to your door late at night,
With the promise of racing dragons in the moonlight.
Would you laugh and call me insane?
Or, would you take my hand and follow me to wonderland?

I quickly sent it to my friend with a big old “Yep I’d follow you” tag with my message.

She’s a dragon lover; her house is filled with them.  So, if there is ever a person to knock on my door and offer to race dragons in the moonlight, this is the girl!

But yet, the longer the message sat with me the more I started to think about friendship and what it means and the things we will do with our friends.  Isn’t it funny how our closest friends can, nearly always, talk us into anything.

And first, let me clarify:  I am not talking about peer pressure here.  I’m NOT talking about peeing behind a Loraas bin at a local bar on a Friday night at 2:30 in the morning because you are trying to maintain your status upon your peers  Although haven’t we all done THAT?!  No??  Just me.  Ok, ok, let’s move along.

What I’m talking about is fierce friendships – where they believe in you and you believe in them.  And perhaps even, during some points of the friendship, they believe in us more than we believe in ourselves.

I feel like I’m meandering around the point so let me just break it down like this:

My friend believes in Dragons.  100%!  She is also a person who believes 100% in everything she surrounds herself with.  And because she’s my friend, that means she has chose to also believes in ME.  The brilliance of this is…I believe in her too.

And so …  should she knock on my door and offer a dragon race I would go.  Not because I necessarily believe in dragons, but I believe in her belief in them.  And if she believes I am qualified to race a dragon through the moonlight, well all be damned, I’m racing a god damn dragon!

And that’s the point I’m trying to make.  Friendship is an incredibly powerful thing that allows us to accomplish the most amazing things JUST because someone told us we could.  That we were good enough, or big enough, or funny enough, or smart enough, or qualified enough or chosen or whatever else we feel we are lacking in that moment.

Friendship is a beautiful force that allows us to do the things we never ever thought possible.  Friendship is having people who take your hand and say “Why not ride the dragon.”

I would ride the dragon just so we could retell the story to each other for years to come.  Just so we could laugh about my bed head when she knocked on my door at midnight.  Just so we could giggle about how I doubted there was two dragons – regardless of the fact that they are tame enough to actually ride them!!!  But most importantly, just so we could high five the shit out of each other when those babies drop us back off at my front door in one piece.

Isn’t that the beauty about having amazing people in your world?  You can share your dream with them.  You know, that silent dream that you have thought about at 3 am in the dark and couldn’t imagine sharing with anyone.   And, yep, there is a chance they could say you’re insane.  But the risk is worth it, because you have a greater chance to create a memory that no one else will ever have together.

Friendship creates the moments when you can whisper your dream…and they say “So why haven’t you done it yet?”  and you can tell them all the reasons why not.  And THEN they help you create a space where you could actually start to believe you could.

I have created incredible things in my world and it’s all because of women who have said “I believe you can!”

When you have friends who believes in you, sometimes more than you believe in yourself, you can create incredible things!

Take her hand, ride the dragon!

Enjoy the journey!

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  1. High five once again Lana Eckel. I always resonate with your stories. Thanks for sharing.❤️ Dragon trip would be stellar, especially Puff the Magic Dragon

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