The Reason I View Annoying People As A Special Gift From The Universe!

There are many spiritual phrases that float around Social Media. And often these phrases are misunderstood. 

One that has become quite popular, all while creating much confusion, and triggering feelings of unworthiness is this one:

The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become

It eludes to the belief that with spirituality or a higher awareness comes peace. That suddenly as an Intuitive or Energy Worker or a spiritual person, you are transformed into a special space of constant Zen. 

As if by miracle, annoying people are suddenly not irritating to you at all. 

This quote leads you to believe that within your new found spirituality you will now possess the much coveted “inner peace” which will equate to you never experiencing the desire to throat punch anyone ever again. 

Spectactularly too, as a result, the aggravation you once experienced whenever the Over the Top “Unnamed Company” business rep corners you at the school Halloween Party her kids also attend (to tell you AGAIN about how she just earned ANOTHER free Disney Cruise just by working her business) will seemingly disappear. 

It convinces you that within spirituality you will suddenly appreciate her. You will be able to say things like “It’s her journey!” And other equally zen-like statements, and as a result catapult yourself into a higher level of consciousness. 

As a person who has struggled with anger and many “throat-punching-people” fantasies for years, the above quote actually became quite stressful to me.

Each morning as I woke I would vow that today would be the day! 

That today no one would be able to penetrate my “Zen Barrier”. That my inner peace was strong enough to withstand the O.T.T. “Unnamed Company” Rep and the others like her. 

And each day someone would not only penetrate the barrier….

They would damn well blow the barrier gates right off and leave me with a weeks worth of clean up and soul reconstruction. 

Each time this would happen I would think, “Dang it! I guess, I’m still not spiritual.”

I would repeat this process over and over and over again. Each time it would break me down more and more as I would question why I could not master the peaceful mentality that clearly all other “good” Spiritual folks were living in. 

And finally I learned:  There is much more of a process related to this quote than what the mere simplicity of the words eludes to.

Here’s what I mean:

Is it ever possible to get to a space of peace?  Sure it is. But not by simply ignoring annoying people. That’s impossible. 

The process goes deeper than that. 

First- what you have to know is that the Universe responds to our energy. It knows what we are trying to manifest and the energy we need to sit in in order for the said goal to come into fruition. 

It also knows what programs and past beliefs we carry and which ones we need to shift out of, or rid ourselves of, in order to create the new space we want to move into. 

Huh what?? 

Let me break it down with an example. 

We attract what we want into our reality. We decide what we want and the Universe lines it up. 

 So let’s say you want to attract more money into your reality. As soon as you decide you want more money the Universe starts shifting and moving the world and the people, as needed, in order to accommodate your request. 

Now, let’s say you have a belief that you don’t DESERVE lots of money though. It could be said then, that you hold a program that you are unworthy of attaining the very same money you are trying to manifest (Now this can run quite deep, but we are going to keep this light and skim the surface for the idea of this example)

Now, remember how I said the Universe is shifting and moving the world and the people in it to bring you the money you are manifesting. 

It is also shifting and moving YOU to bring you money. 

And one of the ways it will do that is by exposing to you the programs you carry within you. 

Why would the Universe do that? In order to shift and move you into a space where you can accept and receive the money you have manifested. 

How will the Universe do that? By bringing people like the OTT Unnamed Company rep into your path. 

These people are triggers. Triggers expose your programs so you can move out of them and into the new space you want to be in in order to accept the money you have manifested. 

So, how do you know someone is a trigger? When you feel you want to throat punch them. 

No seriously!

When someone creates that big of reaction in you then they are absolutely a trigger. And a trigger is your opportunity to shift. 

How do you shift? By being incredibly, absolutely, unequivocally honest with yourself in that moment. 

You see, the Company Rep lady would create such a reaction because (once again, for example) you want to take YOUR kids on a Disneyland Cruise for free but have a belief you could never ever possibly do that. 

Now, the mere acknowledgment of this will NOT make it so you suddenly become a join her business team and become a rep on her team. Nor does it mean you will suddenly become BFF’s. (Although never say never) 

The dislike for her may also never receed. Yet, the growing desire to throat punch her will absolutely (mostly) dissolve. 

It’s also important to know that just because you are spiritual does not mean you will suddenly love everyone. 

You won’t. Ever. 

But the desire to throat punch the entire population will drastically evaporate as you begin to understand WHY someone could provoke such a big reaction out of you.  

And by acknowledging why someone triggers you, will also gift you the opportunity to release an old program that you carry. 

It brings you a new awareness of how you view the world around you. 

This new awareness will allow you to decide how you want to shift and create a new world. 

So…..When someone has you gritting your teeth and biting your tongue, you will now KNOW this annoying person has a beautiful gift for you. The gift of opportunity. The gift of shifting out of the old which no longer serves us and into the new. 

And THAT’S what the quote above means. 

Thank you for sharing in my journey. 

Please share!

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